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  • Granny Square Crochet Jacket

    Hello my crochet lovers, how are your activities and your work, I hope you are getting to do all your projects. This post is about crochet. let’s learn more a beautiful pattern that is beginner level even though it seems difficult by size but the base of the piece is easy to level the people […] More

  • Crochet Popcorn Stitch Flower Square

    For all who love crochet this post is for you, plus an incredible pattern of crochet to learn and increase your skills and make more and more beautiful patterns. We artisans always have to update ourselves and seek knowledge to be always inside the news and improving our skills. Because only practicing patterns and different […] More

  • Snowman Crochet Pattern

    The world of crochet is made up of countless different patterns of all tastes. Each crochet work is certainly rewarding and makes you think of a more handmade style differing or even remembering your grandmother with a memory of her spending hours in her chair with a crochet in her hand. which is increasing more […] More

  • Crochet Christmas Tree

    Christmas is coming and it is where we gather the whole family to celebrate, it is a very important date, and with that the preparations and projects have to start as well. It’s time to put into practice all those patterns that are saved in your folder or on your computer. Prepare Christmas ornaments for […] More

  • Bavarian Crochet Blanket

    It’s time to learn a new point! I’m so excited to show you the Bavarian crochet blanket because it looks complicated, but it really is not, once you get the hang of it. There are not many tutorials that go into detail, so I tried my best to provide this for you. Hope you like! […] More

  • Cable Stitch Crochet

    Good afternoon guys, Welcome to our Ck Crafts website where we leave standards for you can learn more every day in this world of crafts. I spent some time leaving no material here for you but now I’m back, and we’ll learn more. I’ve always seen a photo tutorial for the cable crochet stitch, which […] More

  • Crochet Spike Stitch

    Let’s see step by step to learn how to make the Stitch Spike, crochet, is an interesting point to learn and make in garments such as hats, scarves and especially in blankets to weave in different sizes, explained Hoperful in A step by step video. Point Stitch Spike where we would all like to do. […] More

  • Square Delicate Butterfly Crochet

    Hello! Welcome to CK Craft. Today we will talk about Square Delicate Butterfly. Butterflies are so adorable and we share many cute designs with you from time to time.When it comes to warmer weather, there are many aspects to love. One is butterflies.There is a wide variety of colors and sizes like the butterfly. The […] More

  • Chevron Shuffle Quilt

    Hello again, bringing a wonderful job to you. It is very important to have a cozy and tastefully decorated bedroom, and this Chevron Shuffle block provides a place of warmth … Then it is in it that you will have your moment of rest after a tiring day, leaving your bedspread beautiful.Are you new in […] More

  • Ohio Star Quilt

    The Ohio Star Quilt block is another clasic pattern with an impressive history, incredible modern variations and some important tips from you truly. Creating another post to take away the fear of the quilt pattern and the better it is free.This technique is wonderful, deserves respect and dignity, so come learn how to make Ohio […] More

  • Curve it Up – Block 7 – Log Cabin

    Hello friends, welcome to Ck Crafts, today we will learn another beautiful pattern, let’s make blocks with this pattern! These blocks are great because we can do various things like a quilt, tablecloth, blanket, anyway we can use our imagination and do whatever we want. If you can believe what is on the internet, then […] More

  • No Y Seam Feathered Star – Free Quilt Pattern

    Do not let Feathered Star intimidate you! Sew this quilt block and I recommend it to be easier and faster than you think. This is a project expected by many. You may notice a feathered cascade effect that makes us very happy to see those who make the quilt turn into an endless combination of […] More