Granny Square Crochet Jacket


Hello my crochet lovers, how are your activities and your work, I hope you are getting to do all your projects. This post is about crochet.

let’s learn more a beautiful pattern that is beginner level even though it seems difficult by size but the base of the piece is easy to level the people who started in the same crochet. So a great opportunity to make your own piece of clothing and delight everyone.


Let us now learn more about a crochet pattern and how to do this beautiful pattern of Granny Square making and being worn in a beautiful jacket, with this pattern is very beautiful the finish and great for those who like this famous square.

The result is simply incredible and is a beautiful and original piece. We always research new things on the internet to do this, we can not leave a beautiful pattern of this pass is not really.


One of the things I say to all friends and here for all artisans is that they should always practice new things and not be afraid to pick up different patterns or levels larger than they are, because sometimes even being detailed the pattern is not so difficult to do, just have more patience.

Pattern Granny Square

This square is well known because it is one of the first patterns that everyone does when they start learning crochet. It is used in various types of pieces such as blankets, shoes, sweaters, rugs, baby blankets, sofa blankets, so do whatever you want with the pattern because with the craftsmanship we can do many things according to your imagination.

Grandma’s squares are made quickly for being easy and simple to do, just using one kind of stitch and chains. Using the colors you prefer by mixing or using one only.

Granny Square Crochet Jacket

And let’s talk about this beautiful project that is composed in 3 parts and each part is unique and easy because you will do all the squares individually and then join and form the jacket. It is fast to do and also very fun, I even like patterns that are joining the pieces.

The beautiful plus pattern is textured and draws much attention because of the squares and its finish that forms a beautiful jacket or overcoat getting original and done by your own hands which is very rewarding.
Choose the colors you prefer, think of your jacket as if you were ready to imagine the colors that would look beautiful or easy to match the clothes or use your favorite colors.
Be careful with the yarn you choose, because some yarn with thicker yarns or threads can give you allergies or scratch in place causing irritation. To avoid problems choose cotton yarn, they are best suited for clothes and blankets.

Video Tutorial

Below I leave the video tutorial that we found and we leave here sharing with you at no cost, just helping who loves crochet, because it is for us artisans that crochet does not end, then we should always help each other is not really.

The good thing about video tutorials is that we see in practice how to do it, being able to pause or come back if in doubt, and seeing some people learn more than reading.

So let’s go to the pattern, enjoy this wonderful crochet work and make beautiful pieces and you can even have an extra income with your work putting the sale, enjoy your gift making pieces not only for you but to have a financial aid. Good work to all of you until the next patttern, and let the news here on our site, have fun.