Crochet Apron Pattern


Adolescence is a phase of total transition, where the teenager no longer has the charms of a child, but is not yet an adult. This differentiation between the adult, the child and the teenager must be evident in the decoration. So that the decoration of the teenager’s room must be versatile, modern and functional. Before decorating your teen’s room you need to take into account his personality. The decoration can follow a specific theme or even a concept. In this post we will teach you more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Apron.

Usually the teen’s room follows the modern and functional concept, however, especially the girls, opt for more cozy rooms, with a romantic theme, so always be aware of that.


The teenager’s room, whether for boys or girls, must prioritize three fundamental points: the bed, the closet and a space to study and surf the internet.

One of the projects we saw for a teenager’s bedroom was very bold. You could see that the wall was partially covered with a graffiti-themed panel, a functional measure, as it drowns out outside noises and gives a bold touch to the environment.


Free Pattern Available: Crochet Apron Pattern

The use of niches and shelves is essential in a teenager’s room, as these resources help with organization and contribute positively to aesthetics. The teenager’s room from another project we saw was small, but the space was well used, prioritizing the main items: study bench and bed, which gave a touch of modernity to the environment. A very significant detail in this room is the closet, because the piece has mirrored doors that give an impression of a wider environment.

The teenager’s room still has some memories that refer to childhood. Such a project is ideal for the transition from the child to the adolescent phase. Gradually and without spending much, the room is transformed, respecting the teenager’s personality and his transition time, so the room looks like the teenager, which will please him a lot. Teen rooms can always be a challenge, but what is life without challenges?

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