Crochet Popcorn Stitch Flower Square


For all who love crochet this post is for you, plus an incredible pattern of crochet to learn and increase your skills and make more and more beautiful patterns. We artisans always have to update ourselves and seek knowledge to be always inside the news and improving our skills.

Because only practicing patterns and different points that we improving our motor coordination with the line and needle. So let’s put our hands to work.


Today the pattern of crochet is of a square with a beautiful different design with structures that I am sure you will like. Many people have already made this pattern and loved it, it looks beautiful with more delicate pieces, the way it does is really interesting.

Whenever we make a new pattern, it gives us a sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction for having done a work with his own hands with his gift.


Every work we’ve done with our hands has our sense of our dedication and time in the piece, I believe that most people make crafts because they like what they do, to see the piece being created by themselves, that’s the charm of craftsmanship.

Popcorn Stitch Flower Squares