Crochet Christmas Tree


Christmas is coming and it is where we gather the whole family to celebrate, it is a very important date, and with that the preparations and projects have to start as well. It’s time to put into practice all those patterns that are saved in your folder or on your computer.

Prepare Christmas ornaments for your tree, for the fireplace, for the table and also for the living room where you will gather the family with that beautiful tree, the crochet never goes out of style so enjoy your skills and make your own Christmas decoration .


The crochet tree pattern can be used to decorate your Christmas tree or other places you prefer, or even use to decorate some gift that you want to give Christmas.

It is a quick and easy technique to do and that is beautiful the result. To decorate more can put beads, glitters, bows or ribbons, the more personalized and the better the better.


Great standard for those who are starting now in the world of handicrafts, because being easy people at the beginner level can do too, so practicing and having more experiences, do not be afraid to try, we must always seek to learn. The size varies according to the number of points you make, if you want a bigger one you will have to make more points and increase your tree.

In the video below you will have the step by step that will help to make and remove all doubts, being able to do with the person of the video, that way it is better because we learn better looking than just reading the pattern. I hope you like and enjoy.