Bavarian Crochet Blanket

Good morning to all of you, today just in the morning after our weekend we recharge the energies to start the week. How was your weekend? Did they make a pattern that I left for you, or did they do some pattern of crochet or patchwork that is saved on that list of projects? It is important to always practice and learn, knowledge is never too much and we must be organized in doing the projects always, innovating and learning.

I have several new patterns to start the day thinking about new projects to learn and make more products for your store, or for new decoration. I love challenging myself, learning every day with new patterns and thus improving my skills.

In this matter we will learn a pattern of crochet called Bavarian Crochet Blanket that is one of the most like to do intermediate level but nothing is impossible if the beginners want to do, and increase our projects, we always have to challenge ourselves and make new projects if updating, then stay connected in all the news that I will put for you and the patterns that already have here.

This pattern is beautiful if you use light colors or degrade, but nothing prevents you from using other strong colors, it’s your choice, it’s that I always prefer light and fluffy colors. I hope you like it as I like this pattern, make it as big as you want, it all depends on how many rows you make. I leave you the link with pattern step by step and also the video tutorial to better understand and come back when you have doubts.


Pattern Free ☞ Bavarian Crochet Blanket ☜

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