Curve it Up – Block 7 – Log Cabin


Hello friends, welcome to Ck Crafts, today we will learn another beautiful pattern, let’s make blocks with this pattern! These blocks are great because we can do various things like a quilt, tablecloth, blanket, anyway we can use our imagination and do whatever we want.

If you can believe what is on the internet, then you may know that the quilt of the hut goes back to the pioneer days in the United States. Supposedly, similar designs were found in an ancient


Egyptian mummy and an English quilt before 1830! While all this is good and good, the design makes me think of the pioneering spirit, the work and the bravery of those who have rebuilt their lives in new territories.

This curved log cabin block starts the same as a traditional log cabin. Lore says a red center symbolizes the fireplace in the house and yellow a warm light in the window.A


My pink centers represent something completely different. For a long time, I hated pink. Do not ask me why, I just could not handle it mentally.


Well, we can do for the decoration of our house or we can do in the works to sell, improving your work too. And making the lines using tape crepe like it used to be is still very well used and is very useful. I really enjoyed making this block and maybe need to build a whole quilt like that. The only “trick” to complete was the 1/4 “curve to finish the curved center. Start your 1 3/4” seam on your curve and tap the seam until it is 1/4 “normal. , I took a few attempts to get it right, but the bugs were easily fixed.


I particularly love the design of this pattern, the colors that can be used are colors of your preference. The cool thing is to interleave the colors and make varied colors that help you make the job more beautiful. Use your imagination and do wonders!

Teach others what you know: it does not matter if it is the recipe for a handkerchief, the wonderful family dish, that infallible tip to get out of the grip. Be generous, even if the shared secret is part of your livelihood, after all, there will always be some who prefer to buy ready and – certainly – there is always someone who needs tips to improve every day. Enjoy the link and good job.

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