Snowman Crochet Pattern

The world of crochet is made up of countless different patterns of all tastes. Each crochet work is certainly rewarding and makes you think of a more handmade style differing or even remembering your grandmother with a memory of her spending hours in her chair with a crochet in her hand.

which is increasing more and more as the hours pass during the day! The good thing about crochet is that it never goes out of style, always used in all things.

This craftsmanship is always renewed, updating and having new combinations of colors and patterns together, other points and new utilities with each work done and invented, combining very well in new styles even than the modern ones, since the crochet has been updating and modernizing.

Each work started is a new adventure and new learning, improving concentration and motor coordination.

About Snowman Pattern

The pattern of the Snowman is very delicate and fluffy which falls very well in Christmas and winter decoration. There is no age to be made whether it is young or old, this pattern everyone likes and very gratifying to make these snowmen. Well, as I know there are many people who are always on our site who loves crochet, crochet lover .. can make this doll to make your house and its decoration more cheerful on Christmas night.

It will also be a great gift if you want to give someone a present, something so beautiful and delicate done by your hands. This snowman pattern are cute and addictive to make. They are great for the holidays so take time to make the Christmas tree ornaments and their decorations, etc. The level of this patten is intermediate, if you knew the basics of crochet, you should be able to choose some patterns to start with. Appreciate.

I love this kind of work and the kids love it too. They love all kinds of crochet bug and snowman. This pattern is wonderful, can leave it on the shelf as decoration or put on your Christmas tree. On the internet have several types of snowman of various models I brought a template for you. Christmas is in the air let’s enjoy it!

I leave below the link to the written pattern, step by step to better understand and get to do this beautiful work. A lot of dedication and love in your work takes you away, good work.

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Access the Step-by-Step Written –  Pattern  Snowman Crochet

I leave this template if you prefer


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  1. I think that it’s great that you give us all the patterns free however I’m not that advanced that I understand them in another language lol. Could you tell me what it is and I’ll try Google translate thank you xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I can’t wait for the new year to start and things calm down so I can sit and crochet a whole bunch of these snowmen for next Christmas. 🙂

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