Helena’s Diamond Charms Quilt


Personality and lifestyle are fundamental to define the decoration of the most important environment of the house: the living room. It is the business card of the residents since it receives friends and family showing a little of how we live and what we like. The room should be pleasant, airy, comfortable and above all functional. So some tips for decorating a room are important. First step: think carefully about the distribution and size of furniture. So be careful, everything has to be proportionate and harmonious. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Helena’s Diamond Charms Quilt.

The walls are also part of the decoration and can receive wallpapers, fabrics, decorative stickers and colored paints, without exaggeration of prints and colors in all of them, this already helps you a lot to decorate the environment. Select a main one to highlight. These are the first tips for decorating the room. The tips for decorating the living room with respect to the sofa are: Neutral colors are easier to harmonize with pillows and blankets.


Prioritize comfortable models and style of decoration, this is very important. The straighter ones are cleaner and the rounded ones are classic, but we don’t need to stick to these details so much in contemporary environments where the well-dosed mix goes very well.

Free Pattern Available: Helena’s Diamond Charms Quilt


The side table cannot be missing, even if it is the models fitted on the arm of the sofa for a drink or snack support, they will already help you a lot. A stack of magazines serving as a table, with a beautiful lamp supported or suspended from the ceiling, flower arrangements, books and picture frame. No exaggeration. The coffee table, on the other hand, comes in the tips to decorate the room, as there is not always space to fit it, but when it fits it is a charm when well decorated.

It can be made of wood, white or glass. Just put some books, flowers, or candles, always measuring the colors and types of materials and accessories. In the armchairs we can dare in prints, stripes or stronger colors to harmonize with the details of the decoration giving life to the environment, which gives a very beautiful touch to everything. Stools or stools in small spaces can replace them and dare in colors too.

In small environments with low ceilings, you need to be careful with the shelves as they end up polluting the environment, so pay close attention to that. Sideboards are very welcome. Be it near the dining table or behind the sofa. Underneath it is barbaric to place puffs, decorative boxes, colorful gardens and even baskets fallen with foliage. These pieces are the last to be placed in the environment.

The pillows can be with colors and prints, the colorful blankets, everything harmonious and thinking about the general set of fabrics. Comfortable rugs in neutral colors is a risk-free position, but if the environment is very neutral, patterned rugs, striped, but always with a clear background, are an option. The curtains are always welcome to give warmth and beauty to the environment.

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