Around The Block Quilt – Free Pattern


Shall we sew a little? Today we are going to learn a new quilt model, to make our home even more beautiful and welcoming. Around the block is a very beautiful quilt that has a different design. Quilts are widely used in our daily lives. They make our beds very well made, those magazine rooms. In this pattern you will not need large pieces of fabric.

It is very common for pieces of fabric to be left over after we quilt a lot. So we don’t waste anything, find patterns like this to take advantage of these fabric scraps. Fabrics with very strong colors can loosen excess dye in the washes. To avoid staining lighter colors, you can wash the fabrics separately. Once dry, iron them so they are smooth and make cutting and sewing easier.


Markings can also stain fabrics, so always make them on the back of the print. The combinations of prints and colors can be infinite. You can use a pattern as a base and, from there, combine other colors. You can adapt quilts many decorations, regardless of the pattern. When we make quilts for babies, we try to use lighter prints, with children’s themes and pastel tones.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt


For more vibrant quilts, we can use more expressive colors and prints. You can match the colors of around the block with the cushions and pillows. Ideas abound and only increase as we see more patterns and decorations. The pattern is available from All People Quilt, with diagrams, measurements and sewing instructions.

Did you like the quilt? Let us know your feedback here in the comments. If you have suggestions, we will be happy to bring them to you. It’s always a pleasure to bring new patterns to inspire us and keep making beautiful crafts. Enjoy the weekend to recharge your energies close to those you love. Soon we’ll be back with more beautiful patterns.