Star Wars Quilt


Quilting is a technique used in handicrafts and means padding, it is for thousands of years together with Patchwork, a much sought after partner in the world of crafts. … Imported fabrics and materials are often used, thus creating a beautiful and delicate work entirely handmade. The word quilt comes from Latin Latin, a kind of mattress or cushion filled with something very soft and warm (like feathers, wool or hair) and used for bedding or covering.

Quilting, which means padding, and Patchwork are amazing partners in the craft world, and have been together for many thousands of years. The patchwork is the top or top of the work, while the complete work is the quilting, formed by the top plus the acrylic blanket and the deep fabric, all bound by a technique known as quilting or quilting.


Patchwork and quilt are handicrafts made from pieces of spliced ​​fabric. Patchwork is the seam of flaps sewn to form designs, forming the top of the work that is called the top, interesting isn’t it?


Free Available Pattern: Star Wars Quilt

Patchwork is a piece of fabric patchwork that involves stitching pieces of fabric together. The precision of cuts, measurements and sewing is critical for the job to be perfectly perfect. Patchwork is most commonly used to make patchwork quilts, but can also be used to make handbags, upholstery, clothing, panels, table rails, tablecloths, placemats and other decorative pieces.

Patchwork is usually used on top of the work, but can also be used on the liner but in a simpler format. After all nothing prevents a lining to be made with more than 1 fabric, agree? Quilt and patchwork are really amazing and interesting crafts.

Quilting is the seam made to hold the 3 layers or “sandwich” as some like to call it (= top + blanket + lining fabric) Quilt. Quilting can be straight or forming decorative designs and can be done by hand or machine using home sewing machines or Longarm, long arm machines specifically designed for this purpose.

Quilt is nothing more than a Patchwork Quilt.
Consisting of 3 parts:
Top that is the top of the quilt, assembled with several pieces of fabric in a patchwork work formed by a series of identical blocks or with different designs, the blanket and the lining.

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