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Don’t you know how to organize the room in a practical and efficient way? We have prepared a special article to get rid of your mess quickly, just follow a few simple rules of organization to make your corner always clean and pleasant. The lack of time and the size of the room are one of the main complaints for those who need to organize this environment with agility. As organizing the room is not one of the easiest tasks, you need to follow strategies that do not demand much of your time. Check out several ideas on how you can organize a small room and children’s room in addition to the tutorial for a beautiful Easy Clamshell Quilt.

Leave the dirt and mess behind! Many construction companies invest in rooms with limited footage, so it is increasingly difficult to know the correct way to organize a small room, but don’t worry because we will help you with that. There are several types of planned furniture that are commercialized on the market and facilitate the organization of the environment. As organizing a small room requires planning you can invest in different accessories such as niches, shelves, shoe racks, organizing boxes and wall hooks.


For small environments it is necessary to avoid the accumulation of furniture, decorative objects and even clothes and accessories that are no longer used. Detachment makes it practical to how to organize a small room, so sell or donate what no longer serves you, the trash of some and the treasure of others.

Free Pattern Available: Easy Clamshell Quilt


In a project on how to organize a small single room, a bookcase fixed to the wall with several niches was used, which helped a lot. In the niches, books, decorative items and organizing boxes were accommodated for placing the most varied objects. The bed has drawers to store shoes, toys and clothes that are out of season. Behind the bed there is a chest to put pillows, bedding and covers. The light tone of the furniture helps to convey a feeling of spaciousness in the environment. In the decoration project of how to organize the children’s room, the solution was found from a stool over niches.

This type of furniture makes cleaning much easier and leaves toys at the right time for children. Over time it is common to accumulate objects in the room and we end up creating a disorganized environment. To make your day to day easier, we have separated several ideas to organize the small or children’s room. Check out our tips! If you do not know how to organize the room, before starting work, separate the clothes that are not in use and store in the luggage rack, this will help a lot. Arrange and clean all drawers, cupboards and shoe cabinets to keep frequently used parts in front.

If you have many objects, abuse shelves, chest stools, shelves, niches, dressers and other furniture that help in organizing the environment. Chest benches are perfect for optimizing small spaces and one of the great ideas for organizing your room, it will help you a lot to organize your room. In this piece of furniture it is possible to store shoes, bedding and towels. You can place the trunk seat at the foot of the bed or against the wall. In the baby room of a project, the cupboard with niches is used as a changer. In their niches, wicker baskets accommodate clothing and hygiene products. Organizing the children’s room facilitates cleaning and preserves the child’s health, avoid leaving objects out of the pre-determined place, you can use the trunk bank to store toys so they are not scattered around the house.

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