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Trip Around The World Quilt


Creating a “Trip Around the World” quilt is a beautiful and rewarding project for quilting enthusiasts. This classic pattern features squares arranged in a way that gives the illusion of a globe-trotting adventure. In this guide, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to make a “Trip Around the World” quilt.

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Fabric: Choose a variety of fabrics in different colors and patterns. The more diverse, the more stunning your quilt will be. You’ll need enough fabric for your desired quilt size.
  2. Rotary Cutter and Mat: These tools will help you cut fabric pieces accurately.
  3. Quilting Ruler: A clear, acrylic quilting ruler is essential for precise measurements.
  4. Sewing Machine: A sewing machine will make piecing the quilt together much faster, but you can also hand-sew it if you prefer.
  5. Thread: High-quality cotton thread in a color that complements your fabrics.
  6. Quilt Batting: Choose a batting that suits your desired quilt thickness.
  7. Backing Fabric: A large piece of fabric for the quilt’s backing.
  8. Quilt Binding: Fabric strips or pre-made binding for finishing the quilt edges.

Steps to Create a “Trip Around the World” Quilt:

1. Fabric Selection:

  • Start by selecting your fabrics. The “Trip Around the World” pattern is excellent for showcasing a broad range of colors and prints. You can use as few as three or as many as you like.

2. Cutting Strips:

  • Cut fabric into 2.5-inch wide strips. Each strip should be the width of the fabric (usually around 42 inches).

3. Creating the Blocks:

  • Take one strip of each fabric and sew them together along the long sides, creating a strip set.
  • Continue to make more strip sets until you have enough to create your desired number of blocks.

4. Sub-cutting Strips:

  • Sub-cut the strip sets into 2.5-inch wide segments. You’ll have rectangles that are 2.5 x 4.5 inches.

5. Assembling Blocks:

  • Take one rectangle from the first strip set and sew it to a rectangle from the second strip set. Continue this process, sewing rectangles in a circular pattern to create a square. Repeat until you have enough blocks to complete your quilt.

6. Arranging Blocks:

  • Arrange the blocks in the desired layout. The blocks should create the illusion of concentric circles, resembling a world map.

7. Piecing the Quilt Top:

  • Sew the blocks together row by row, ensuring that the pattern continues smoothly. Press the seams in one direction to reduce bulk.

8. Adding Borders (Optional):

  • To give your quilt a finished look, you can add borders. Measure the sides of your quilt and cut border strips to fit. Attach the borders to the quilt top.

9. Quilt Sandwich:

  • Create a quilt sandwich by layering the quilt backing, batting, and quilt top. Baste the layers together to prevent shifting during quilting.

10. Quilting: – Quilt your layers together using your preferred quilting design. You can quilt it with straight lines, free-motion designs, or any pattern that suits your style.

11. Binding: – Trim any excess batting and backing, leaving a clean edge. Attach the quilt binding to the edges, covering the raw edges of the quilt.

12. Finishing: – After attaching the binding, fold it over the quilt edge and secure it with stitching. Trim any excess binding.

13. Final Touches: – Give your quilt a final press with an iron to ensure it lays flat and looks pristine.

Creating a “Trip Around the World” quilt is a labor of love that results in a stunning and timeless piece of art. The choice of fabrics and colors is where you can truly make it your own. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, this pattern offers a rewarding creative experience that will produce a cherished heirloom for years to come. Enjoy your quilting journey!


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