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If you are looking for a beautiful, simple to install and resistant floor for your home, choose coverings such as rectified porcelain tiles. In the decoration of modern environments, rectified porcelain tiles can replace other materials such as wood and natural stones. The installation of rectified porcelain tiles allows the pieces to be placed close together to reduce the space of the joints, requiring little grout. The rectified porcelain tile is a bathroom covering that is also quite versatile, so it can be placed in every room of your residence, from the bathroom to the living room. Want to know more about rectified porcelain tiles? See our post and check out the tips we have prepared especially for you in addition to the tutorial of a beautiful Beauty Sheen Quilt!

This type of coating has straight edges and when its pieces are placed next to each other its appearance is uniform which makes it very beautiful. To explain what rectified porcelain tiles are, we have separated some information for you to be able to identify immediately. The rectified porcelain tiles have their leaves cut only after firing to avoid shrinking the pieces.


With this, the cut is made precisely and avoids burrs that prevent the pieces from approaching. To find out what rectified porcelain tiles are during the purchase you should analyze the edge of the piece, as the product must be perfect and without the enamel backing, so pay close attention to that.

Free Pattern Available: Beauty Sheen Quilt


The rectified white porcelain tile has a homogeneous aspect in the kitchen decoration in a clean style. In the decoration of the large kitchen, the cabinets are the same color as the rectified porcelain tiles and the sink countertop is made with the same wood as the table, leaving everything in the environment combining in an incredible way. The rectified porcelain tile with the wooden pattern was installed in the living room and the dining room with different finishes. In the living room, the finish of the pieces is polished while in the dining room the finish is satin with a semi-matte aspect. Polished rectified porcelain tiles have a smooth and shiny surface, which is why they are more slippery than textured pieces. These pieces are highlighted in the decoration of living rooms because of their high brightness and refined look.

To avoid scratches and ensure the durability of polished rectified porcelain flooring, use gloss waxes that prevent water absorption. As polished rectified porcelain tiles are subject to scratches and moisture stains, avoid placing the coating in wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, yard and pool area. In one project, the modern style of a bathroom was enhanced by the shiny pieces and crockery that match the white polished rectified porcelain floor. The conservation of polished rectified porcelain tiles in the bathroom must be done with two layers of appropriate wax. In another project, in the area of ​​the gourmet veranda, a textured floor of rectified porcelain in the wood pattern was installed.

Rectified porcelain tiles have a strip shape that facilitates the placement and imitation of wooden floors. Rectified satin porcelain tile is made by the same process as polished porcelain tile, however in its final production stage, the piece does not receive the last layer of enamel which is responsible for the extremely shiny appearance of the polished pieces. In the absence of the last gloss layer, the appearance of the rectified satin porcelain tile is matte and semi-gloss. The rectified satin porcelain floor can be used both inside and outside of your home, everything depends on your choice. The rectified satin floor is found on the market in different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes, choose the one that suits you best. The joint between the parts is minimal which results in little use of grout.

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