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If you want to make a strong first impression on those who come to your home, you can bet fearlessly on the pivoting door! This door, which is a symbol of sophistication and elegance, will surely impress your visitors. In fact, with a bold design and operation different from ordinary doors, the pivoting door can be used both at the entrance and inside houses and commercial spaces, and can be the perfect complement to make your project even more beautiful. Find out what a pivot door is, how it differs from ordinary models and what are its advantages and take the opportunity to learn how to make a beautiful Harvest Quilt!

To answer what a pivoting door is, we need to explain how it works. The pivoting door is fixed with pins at the top and bottom and, therefore, rotate around a vertical axis, the pivot – hence the name of these door models.


This operation and the fact of not using hinges and leaving the hidden hardware guarantees more lightness and a different visual effect, cleaner, more beautiful and elegant to the pivoting door.

In addition, the pivot door models are also usually larger, wider and / or taller, which makes them seen in projects with wider environments and high ceilings, but there are also more compact types, there are several options, one more beautiful than the other.


Free Pattern Available: Harvest Quilt

There is also no lack of pivoting door models. The pivoting wooden door is one of the most used, but there are also options of pivoting glass, metal door, among others, with an infinite choice, the limit is your imagination. And you can even choose a very stylish pivoting door handle to complete the look of your door! To learn more and understand a little better what is the pivoting door, check out what are its main strengths and weaknesses: Modern and imposing look; Space saving – although the pivoting door is usually larger, when it is opened, the part is out (approximately 10 centimeters), making it occupy less space; Simple installation;

Less risk of warping – the pivoting door is very firm, however, for this, it is necessary to consider the weight of the door when choosing the pivots, otherwise it may end up dragging on the floor, which makes it difficult to move, so be careful To this; Less sealing – depending on how the pivot door is installed, dust and insects may be easier to get into the house, as well as sound insulation. The recommended measures for a pivoting door, be it a wooden pivoting door, a glass pivoting door or other material, are at least 80 centimeters in total width and 2.10 meters high. The most used dimension is 1.20 meters by 2.10 meters.

The higher and / or wider your pivoting door, the greater its visual impact and also the impression of the amplitude of the environment. However, be careful not to make it disproportionate to the space. As we already said, there are many types of pivoting door and some of the most used models are the wooden pivoting door and the glass pivoting door, very beautiful and leave a special touch in place. So how to choose the ideal option for your project? The choice depends a lot on your project and your personal preferences, but it is important to say that, considering security and privacy, the glass pivoting door is more recommended to be used inside the house and the wooden pivoting or steel door, for example. example, would be ideal for entry, keep that in mind.

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