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Drywall or “dry wall”, in the Portuguese translation, is the name of a wall construction technique that is gaining more and more prominence in interior projects. Drywall is a mixture of plaster, water and additives placed between two sheets of cardboard, forming solid boards that can be used to divide rooms, embed lighting, cover the ceiling and even serve as a bookcase. The plaster wall, as it is also known, can be used in any environment of the house, including bathroom, kitchen and service area. In this post you can read more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Union Blues Quilt.

Yes, it is possible to use the drywall system in humid environments, as long as the correct choice of the board is made. There are three different types of drywall available on the market. Get to know each one better and find out the best type for your project: White: the white or ST (Standard) plate is the most recommended for ceilings and dry environments and is widely used today;


Pink: the pink or RF plate has fiberglass in its composition, being, therefore, fire resistant and suitable for environments with fireplace, barbecue or that need to meet specific safety standards, precisely because of its composition;


Free Pattern Available: Union Blues Quilt

Green: the green plate or RU is resistant to moisture and should be used in humid environments such as the kitchen and bathrooms. This type of drywall sheet receives additives and fungicides that make it resistant to fungi and mold; Advantages and disadvantages of drywall. Before opting for the drywall system, however, it is important to know its main advantages and disadvantages. Check it out below: 1 Easy and quick installation. This is one of the great and best advantages of drywall, especially when compared to traditional masonry walls today. Installation is quick and can even be done under the “do it yourself” concept, as long as you have all the tools and materials necessary to guarantee a good finish.

2. Low cost
If you are looking for a beautiful, practical and economical solution, drywall is the right choice. Material and installation costs are lower than other types of wall. To give you an idea, the price per square meter of a drywall varies between $ 4.65 to $ 9.31, just the material. With labor included, that figure goes from about $ 16.29 to $ 23.27 a square meter. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about plastering, thin putty and other finishes, since the drywall boards come ready to receive the paint or other type of coating you want to give, simple and practical. 3 Clean work. The drywall practically does not generate residues, such as dust or debris, since the installation involves only fixing the plates in a metal structure.

1. Low resistance
One of the biggest disadvantages of the drywall is its low resistance to impacts and knocks. But if your project does not require a high-strength material, this problem goes unnoticed. Don’t even think about external environments. Do not even think about using drywall outdoors, it would not survive the weather, such as temperature changes, winds, heat and rain. Compromised decoration. Hanging a picture, a mirror, TV, niches and shelves can become something much more complicated when talking about a drywall wall. This is because you will need specific wall plugs and screws for this type of wall, capable of supporting the weight properly.

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