Morning Glorious Quilt


Burnt cement is a milestone in Brazilian construction. Nowadays it is possible to find this type of coating in the simplest houses in the interior, even in large and refined urban properties. The use of burnt cement has become a trend thanks to the modern industrial style that is on the rise in decoration. Not to mention that the material has low cost, is relatively easy to apply and gives a very beautiful look to the environments. Learn more about white burnt cement: The naturally gray color is the most common, but the white burnt cement coating is gaining prominence and falling in the taste of those who are building and renovating. In this post you can learn more about it and learn how to make a wonderful Morning Glorious Quilt.

Keep following the post to better understand what white burnt cement is. Check it out: White burnt cement is nothing more than burnt cement plus marble powder. Don’t you know what burnt cement is? Calm down and we’ll explain to you what it is. Burnt cement is a floor or covering made of cement, sand and water.


This mixture is then applied to the subfloor with a minimum thickness of three centimeters. But this is still not the burnt cement, so far you have only the common cemented floor, of those found on sidewalks around today.


Free Pattern Available: Morning Glorious Quilt

To “burn” the cement, it is necessary another step that consists of throwing cement powder over this mixture, which must still be soft and moist. Then it is necessary to perform the surface, spreading the cement powder over the entire mixture. After the drying period, the burnt cement floor is ready, smooth, uniform and well leveled. Main advantages and disadvantages of white burnt cement

The burnt cement is very resistant and durable, and can be used in places of intense traffic of people without compromising its appearance; The floor made of burnt cement is monolithic, that is, it is a single piece, unlike the ceramic pieces that make the junction between them visible through the grout. This characteristic contributes to visually increase the ambience in addition to giving a special touch to the place; Burnt cement is easy to care for and clean, requiring no major maintenance; White burnt cement can be used as a floor and wall covering in all areas of the house, internal and external.

The only place where the burnt cement should not be applied is inside the box, as contact with water and hygiene products can damage the floor and that is not what we want to happen, in addition to making it too slippery; Another advantage that helped popularize the use of white burnt cement is the price. It is much cheaper to use this type of flooring than ceramic floors, for example; White burnt cement can be used in various architectural projects, including modern, rustic, classic and sophisticated proposals;

Burnt cement is a tiled floor, so if the idea is to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment, this may not be the best option; One of the biggest problems that burnt cement can present is cracks. If the floor is not done well you will notice several cracks and cracks on the entire surface, which is not good; Although practically all the masons claim to know how to make this type of floor, be wary if they really know. A poorly made floor, as previously mentioned, can present cracks and level problems, which is horrible;

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