Union Square Block


The home office is one of the spaces that is gaining more and more attention inside the houses. After all, being able to have a quiet, comfortable, well-lit and suitable place to work and study is a great advantage in our day to day. With some care to maintain comfort, organization and ergonomics of the environment, your home office will be the perfect place to put creativity to work, design, compose, study and fulfill all its functions in a light and practical way. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Union Square Block. The main points of concern when planning home office decoration should be:

1 Lighting. Light is one of the key points of a suitable, well decorated and beautiful home office, so the more natural light the better. Choose a room with a large window or even a balcony (when available) to keep the space always fresh. 2 Choice of chair. Be sure to choose this item just by design.


Choose a model of office chair that is ergonomic and adjustable in height so that your spine is straight and so that you can move on your computer without problems, your arms can be supported at the elbow and your head is at an appropriate height of the screen.


Free Pattern Available: Union Square Block

3 Choice of table. Choose a table that allows the mouse and keyboard to be on the same level and the monitor to be at least an arm’s length away. Another tip for the monitor is to keep it below our horizontal line of sight, so you won’t need to lift your head beyond the bill to work and it will spare your body some body pain (especially in the neck). Thus, both the decoration of the home office and the arrangement and comfort of the furniture can contribute so that your working hours are more profitable and productive, generating the necessary stimulus and concentration for you to work at home.

Home office organization and decorating tips
Another important point to make your home office very functional is the organization. Some small items and simple tips can help you put everything in order and still decorate your space the way you imagine it, leaving your home office to your face in a fun and organized way. 1 Files and folders. Keep paperwork organized and easy to find. Items such as suspended files and organized folders help a lot in the agility in execution and also in maintaining a cleaner environment. The arrangement of these objects must be made in order to integrate with the chosen decor and still retain the ease of moving them for consultation when necessary.

2. Trinket holders
On our desk there are always those small items that we don’t know exactly where to store and that end up being lost when we need them most. With a trinket holder at your disposal it is easier to store and find small things that will be useful / important for the next few days, you will find several different models out there, some with compartments, some with drawers and so on. 3 Chalkboard and notice board. The whiteboard (it may be the wall prepared with special paint for this function) and the notice boards for colored papers (of the type Post-it) are really useful when organizing tasks or giving simple messages to your future self. .

4. Personal touch
In addition to the more functional details, we cannot forget your personal touch in home office decoration, after all, not every office needs to be gray and dull. Enjoy that the environment is all yours and choose colors, style and details that impress your personality in the space and that make you feel happy and comfortable while you are performing your duties. There are those who prefer an office full of pop culture references or even full of bright colors and fun to stimulate creativity, in addition to pictures with motivating or funny phrases. Others prefer something more neutral and with light colors to bring tranquility and harmony to you without much in the environment. Whether with hippie chic, glam, minimalist styles, or surrounded by little plants, you should bet on something that matches what you imagine working with steam ideas.

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