How To Do A Beautiful Winter/Christmas Quilt


One of the easiest things you can do to make your room feel like Christmas and New Year is to change your bedding or bedspread according to the holliday. To do this, just get a bedding set with typical Christmas colors like red or green.

Or get a softer quilt that has some Christmas designs. This way you will be able to leave the Christmas spirit in any room and decoration of your home.The table is one of the main attractions of Christmas, because around it gathers family and friends to celebrate together this important and dear date.


That’s why it’s critical that the dinner table cloth is in keeping with the occasion, helping to set the mood!

credit image: quiltnutcreations

Always use tablecloths that are just the right size and shape of your table or bed, or wherever you go and in typical Christmas colors and prints.


Explore red in combination with green or gold for your quilt.

If you prefer light colors, white and gold, or silver, are also beautiful options to make. In addition to the Christmas tree in your living room, you can even change the trousseau pieces to make the house even Christmasier.

If you do not want to put prints on everything, choose red, green or gold pieces, but in plain colors for it. Use your creativity and change the curtains, cushion covers, put a blanket on the couch (like this one).

Change the carpet, so you will get a very beautiful decoration without spending too much or leaving the look loaded with too many ornaments.