Star Crossed Quilt

Today we will talk a little about sustainable decoration and still bring the pattern of a beautiful Star Crossed Quilt. At first, the term “sustainable decoration” can make you think of a decoration that is based solely and exclusively on reused materials such as bottles, cans, pallets, tires and other objects that would have trash as an inevitable end. But not quite out there. Sustainable decoration has a broader and broader concept that ranges from choosing and consciously purchasing products that do not impact the environment to reusing them later.

Putting it on kids, it works like this: it is better for you to choose a new decorative piece made of bamboo, for example, an extremely environmentally friendly and reusable material, than to buy something from plastic and then reuse it to create a decorative piece. This is because the process of producing plastic is much more aggressive to the planet than bamboo.

Not to mention that the decomposition time of this material must be taken into account when it is finally disposed of – because nothing lasts forever. So, from this point of view, sustainable decorating is much bigger than simply using a pet bottle to make a junk door for your table.

Free Available Pattern: Star Crossed Quilt

However, recycling is one of the arms of sustainable decoration and should be practiced by all when the consumption of certain materials is inevitably necessary. So we will teach you in this post how to practice recycling for decorative purposes, contributing to the reduction of consumption and a greener and greener awareness, that is, besides helping you still help the planet. Follow:

One of the features that draws the most attention to sustainable decoration is the ability to create the pieces you will use for decoration yourself, saving you good money. Not to mention that nobody will have anything like it, since the process is all handmade and allows you to customize the pieces to your taste and style, leaving the house with your face.

It has been noted that legitimate concern for the environment is the driving force behind this style of decorating. And if you’re motivated to show off this green and loving planet decor at home, be sure to see some inspirations on internet so you can have an inspiration of how to do yours.

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