Bonnie Browning's Twisted Log Cabin


Wallpaper is an interesting option for those who want to give a different touch to the walls of the house and prefer not to use paint. Something temporary, which can be removed later. With that, the question then arises: how to remove traditional wallpaper? Is it a difficult task or is it more practical than painting walls? If you have wallpaper at home and decided it was time to change it, see how to do it in this post, as we will teach you how to remove the wallpaper and also teach you how to make an amazing Bonnie Browning’s Twisted Log Cabin: Before starting to remove the wallpaper, it is recommended to take some precautions such as:

Turn off the electricity
To avoid electric shock, since you will need a spatula to remove the wallpaper you will have to disconnect sockets and switches, after all we do not want accidents. Work in a bright environment. The ideal is to leave to fulfill this task during the day, so that the fact that the electricity is off does not disturb you. But if you need to, use battery-operated lamps and lamps to make your room brighter.


Removing frames, sockets and switches
Remove the frames from the sockets and switches, as part of the wallpaper may be stuck under them. Remember to then protect the socket and the switch with newspaper and masking tape, as the process of removing the wallpaper is a little damp and could damage them.


Free Pattern Available: Bonnie Browning’s Twisted Log Cabin

Cover the floor with canvas or cover
You are going to make a little dirt while you are removing the wallpaper. So, protect the floor using canvas, newspapers and even covers. Move furniture away. Furniture should be placed away from the wall. The ideal is to remove them from the place, but if you can’t do this with everyone, place them in the center of the room. Test part of the paper. If you do not know what type of wallpaper was placed, it is best to test it on some corner of the paper before starting. With the help of a spatula, pull one end and see what happens. Did it come out easily? It comes from TNT or removable paper. Did it come out in parts? Traditional wallpaper. Did you just remove the protective layer? You are dealing with waterproof or vinyl paper.

you will need:

Hot soapy water;

How to take adhesive wallpaper
Adhesive or removable wallpaper is one of the easiest to remove, regardless of whether your wall is plaster or masonry, you will be able to remove the paper without much effort. After preparing the environment for the task, find a loose end and go pulling, simple isn’t it? You will notice that you can remove whole pieces without tearing it in the process.

If the strip happens to tear, because the paper is old, just look for another loose end and repeat the process. Do this until you remove all the wallpaper. Is the surface to which the paper is glued masonry? Take the bucket of soapy water, wet a sponge and rub across the wall, in order to remove glue residue. Finish with a dry cloth. Doing so will completely remove the wallpaper and start applying a new one.

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