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A good night’s sleep is indispensable for the recovery of your body and mind, and there are several factors that contribute to you sleep with the angels, without disturbances and without interruptions. We need a relaxing, quiet environment, with a pleasant temperature and adequate lighting so that we can close our eyes and relax properly at night. In this article, you will learn how to clean your mattress properly and how to make a beautiful Friendship Star Table Topper. And in addition to all this, you also need comfort, the correct density of the mattress, softness and pleasant textures on the sheets and pillows and, of course, a minimum of hygiene in your bed.

Why is it important to clean the mattress?
It may seem unnecessary to include mattresses in the regular cleaning of the house and many people really neglect the hygiene of this item, which can bring risks to the health of all residents. The life span of a mattress is approximately 10 years, depending on how you maintain and care for it, so we spend a third of our lives on it. Thinking this way, I think it becomes clearer because it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the mattress.


Another piece of information that you may not know is that the foam on your mattress is home to more than 1 million mites, animals invisible to the naked eye and responsible for causing various allergic diseases in humans such as rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis and even even dermatitis, all because of this little bug.


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Mites love damp places and it is estimated that after 2 years of use, about 10% of the weight of a mattress is made up of mites and their residues. Can you imagine? In addition to the mattress, the pillows are also the focus of mites, which makes it important to clean these items frequently as well. Now know the materials needed to make to clean your mattress correctly:

Vacuum Cleaner;
Powdered soap diluted in water;
Upholstery cleaner;
Sponge or soft brush;
White vinegar;
Sodium bicarbonate;
Stain remover;
Dry cloths;

Remove the sheets, bedspreads and, if your bed is a box model and has a skirt, remove the skirt as well. Put all your bedding to wash. Vacuum your mattress over its entire length and on the sides also with a good vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget the seams, corners and buds of the mattress. Apply a product to clean the mattress and to help eliminate dust mites. You can use a specific upholstery product or a powdered soap solution diluted in water. With the help of a sponge, rub the dirty areas of the mattress in a circular motion.

Before applying any product, test on a hidden area of ​​the mattress to make sure that the product will not damage or stain the fabric. Let the mattress dry completely, remember that humidity favors the appearance of more mites on the mattress. To speed up the process, place it in the sun or turn on a fan near the mattress. Once it is dry, vacuum it again to ensure that all waste has been removed from the mattress. Now is the time to put clean and fragrant bedding, even the pillowcases must be changed periodically.

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