Lovely Twister Quilt


Thinking about the setting is an important step at the end of any work, as it is when the joinery and equipment are definitely installed and decorative objects come in to define the owners’ personality. One of the simple, inexpensive and versatile elements that help in this task are the decorative frames! They add color in a natural way, without having to invest in very elaborate wall coverings or paintings. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Lovely Twister Quilt.

Knowing how to choose the decorative painting for a given environment causes endless doubts, due to the diversity of models that the decoration market offers, be it frame or image. With this, we have created a manual on how to choose the ideal painting for each room in your home: The living room is a social environment where decorative paintings are indispensable! Regardless of size, look for models that come with the rest of the room’s decor.


Like, for example, a room with a neutral base and cushions in cold tones, you can count on paintings that refer to these same colors in works of art to give a match. In the bathroom, the ideal is the choice for an abstract art or that abuses geometric shapes (trend 2018). Its presence must be neutral, so as not to interfere with the functionality of the room.


Free Pattern Available: Lovely Twister Quilt

Decorative frames for the bedroom
When it comes to a more intimate area, the bedroom is the right place to print your true personal taste like series, bands, drawings and more. A girl’s room, for example, can choose a composition of decorative paintings in her favorite color! They may have images that depict your story or phrases that brighten your day to day.

Decorative paintings for balcony
For those who have a gourmet balcony, you know that this is one of the most social places in the house! After all, you can gather friends and family for a barbecue or just have a conversation. Try to portray this relaxed atmosphere with fun and themed decorative frames, which use tropical prints, fun phrases, colorful images, jokes, etc.

Know that choosing this decorative object depends a lot on the residents. If you are a professional in the field, leave this task to the owners of the residence and just add with tips of colors and sizes so that the choice is more free. Now, if you want to give your home a quick upgrade, you can get inspired by looking for projects on the internet that use many frames.

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