Boundless Flower Block


The sofa can be considered one of the most important pieces of the house. After all, after the bedroom and our bed, this piece of furniture is the second most loved, in which we spend some time watching TV, reading a book or even relaxing.

And the fact that we spend that time using the sofa indicates that we may have some problems, such as spilling some drink or even having to deal with everyday dirt such as dust and pet hair. So that question always arises that we all have: How can I do to clean my sofa? Is there a right technique or is it necessary to take the furniture to a company specialized in this?


Because in this post you will learn how to clean your sofa at home and how to make a beautiful Boundless Flower Block.

Before you start cleaning your sofa, it is best to find out what fabric it is made of. So you don’t run the risk of using any product that could damage or stain the furniture, because that’s not what we want to happen. Among the main types of sofa we have:


Suede; Chenille; Linen; Velvet; Microfiber; Vinyl; Leather; Now you may be asking yourself: But how do I identify exactly what type of sofa I have? Simple, check the part label and see what material it is made of.

Keep in mind that the label that is affixed to your sofa is your best friend. It is she who will guide you on how you will clean and what materials you will be able to use in it. Among the main types of cleaning used in sofas we have:

Normal cleaning or dry cleaning;
Traditional wet cleaning or washing;
Professional cleaning or dry cleaning.
In addition, it is also interesting to check if you can wash the furniture with hot water or should always use cold water to avoid damaging the furniture.

Ways to clean your sofa
When you find out how to wash your sofa, it’s time to choose the cleaning methods that will be used.

Among them are: Vinegar with warm water, excellent for removing stains; Water and neutral detergent; Vacuum Cleaner; Bicarbonate and softener; Alcohol.

To find out how to apply each wash, you can search the internet, but remember, it is important to check which of these washes can be used to clean your sofa.

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