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Anyone who has a wooden floor or intends to install this type of floor will inevitably experience varnish. For those who still don’t know, varnish is a transparent resin that serves to renew, protect and treat the wood in the floor. The average durability of varnish is eight years and the application of the product must be done by a professional. There are currently three different types of varnish: glossy, matte and satin – semi gloss. The choice depends on the type of finish you want to give the floor, as they all perform the same function. Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of varnish as well as a tutorial on how to make a beautiful The Irish Chain Modern Block:

Provides shine and guarantees a new appearance for the wooden floor; Protects against termites and fungi; Durable and resistant, varnish can last between eight to twelve years when due care is taken; The elasticity of varnish accompanies the expansion and the natural movement of the wooden floor; Easy to clean.


Requires hiring a professional or specialized company to carry out the varnish application; It does not allow cleaning with traditional products found in supermarkets, such as waxes, disinfectants and common cleaners, since they can harm the resin on the floor and spoil it; Cleaning with water requires complete drying to avoid stains under the floor;


Free Pattern Available: The Irish Chain Modern Block

How to apply varnish
The application of varnish must be done by a qualified professional who guarantees the quality of the service afterwards. Anyway, it is interesting to know the procedure adopted for you to follow the execution there in your home when it is done. Check it out: The first step before applying varnish is to sand and scrape the entire wooden floor, in order to eliminate any traces of other varnish on the surface. This step is important for the complete adhesion of the resin to the floor; Then, the professional polishes the floor; After removing all dust, varnish is applied. It is very simple to apply the product, and it can even be applied with a roller;

The varnish should be spread very well over the floor, with uniform movements over the entire surface so that it looks as expected; For a perfect finish it is recommended to apply two coats of the product; After the end of the application, it is recommended to wait 48 hours before freeing the space for the circulation of people; Tips, care and maintenance with varnish. To keep varnish always beautiful, it is important to follow some recommendations that we leave here. See what they are: During the first 30 days after applying the varnish, it is recommended to clean only with a soft bristle broom until the resin is completely dry;

After this period, cleaning can be done normally with a broom or damp cloth, however, it is important to wipe with a dry cloth to remove all moisture from the floor so that it does not stain; Do not use wax on the varnish. It leaves the floor with a greasy and stained appearance; Products based on alcohol, furniture polish and detergents attack the floor and are not suitable for cleaning it. Use only a cloth with well-wrung water; Perform a new varnish application when you notice the worn and opaque appearance of the floor, but don’t worry, it should take about eight to ten years to happen. The price for application of varnish is around $ 7.06 per square meter, depending on the region of the country where you are located and the professional who will perform the service. So, if you have ten square meters of floor you will have to shell out about $ 70.62 to make it look like new.

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