The Kaleidoscope Blanket


Roll of toilet paper, rope, cardboard, clothespins. Did you know that all this can turn into a mirror frame? That’s right! A more versatile object full of possibilities is to emerge in this world than even the mirror. In addition to this huge variety of unusual materials that can become a frame, it is still possible to repaginate that old mirror frame with the use of artisanal techniques such as decoupage, painting, patina, among others. In this post you will learn more about the mirror frame and also how to make an amazing The Kaleidoscope Blanket.

The mirror frame can be used to enhance the environment or highlight the use of the mirror, making it one of the highlights of the decoration, it can be faithful in many ways and greatly enhances the space in which it is used. Below we have listed some tips that will help you choose the ideal mirror frame and of course teach you how to make mirror frame creatively, simply and inexpensively, come with us?


Tips for choosing the mirror frame
The most common materials used to create this type of mirror frame are wood, plastic and MDF, but of course you can go much further and bet on differentiated and creative materials that will give your mirror a unique touch of originality;


Free Available Pattern: The Kaleidoscope Blanket

If your intention is to use the mirror as a way to visually magnify any environment, then prefer simple, small and discrete frames, they will be perfect for that purpose; To create romantic environments, classic or with a Provencal touch, the best option is the embellished frames, with arabesque designs, for example; Bathroom mirror frames should be made of moisture resistant materials;

Use metallic spray paint to apply on an old frame, it will look like new and look super modern so you don’t have to buy a new one and you can customize the old one. Spray paint can also be used to value a plastic frame if the money is short to invest in a wooden frame; MDF is a great material for making mirror frames. Very versatile, it allows a series of different finishes and, in the end, ends up with a look very similar to wood;

Thin, sober-colored mirror frames are perfect for modern, minimalist environments, while the most elaborate frames are ideal for classic-style decorations; For those who prefer a livelier, livelier and more stripped decor, they can invest in colored mirror frames with fabric lining, decoupage or paper flower applications, for example. To many other types that are amazing and very beautiful, which one will you use?

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