Christmas Tree Bedspread


Hi, my friends from the craft world, I am so happy and passionate every time I see new patterns that I see that we know very little because there are many patterns of crochet in the world to learn.

Each time has a different point and from that point can do a plethora of designs and pieces and join with other pattern making a wonderful project.


Each time I learn and see more news I feel more willing to practice to increase our skills and level up in the craft and can make more complex patterns more and more.

In the crafts we have many areas and in this post we will learn a pattern of patchwork, a quilt to practice and go to our collection.


Every new thing is a new fun for all, especially for our hobby giving us much satisfaction. As Christmas is coming we are going to start our preparations, decorations, finally, whatever you want to do to make your home more cozy and beautiful for this special date, we join with the family and talk and exchange gifts.

The Christmas decoration is so beautiful, even more done by ourselves in our home, it is wonderful. We can make this pattern to decorate the wall of the room, or entrance for all guests to see on this day so beautiful. This tree is colored and made up of several different fabrics to get more cheerful and beautiful with different colors and different designs. Who does not like to decorate the house is not really, so enjoy this pattern.

The Christmas dinner is very magical and welcoming and it is a beautiful table decorated for that season. Use a lot of red, green and white are traditional Christmas colors, and can be used watermelon, magenta, burgundy and even pink, but can leave your home with the colors you prefer and match your decor.

Below I leave the link containing the free pattern of this beautiful project, I hope you like it and always stay connected to the new patterns here on our site that always made news for you. Good work, everyone.

Pattern Free PDF – Christmas Tree Mini Bedspread