Crochet Sparky Summer Hat (Video Tutorial)


The hat has emerged in the early peoples of prehistory to protect the head against sun, cold and rain and over the centuries has become an important headgear accessory. Today it is common to wear the hat not only on the beach but to complete the look giving an extra charm. The hat is a very important accessory especially in the summer on hot sunny days and when you want to take a walk on the beach or hiking.

This beautiful crochet hat is simple to make and worth investing in this indispensable piece. It is always very pleasant to be able to produce delicacy and useful pieces of the hat, besides being an accessory that makes up the look and protects against the sun rays that can do very badly to your skin.


An amazing product that can be part of your sales pieces enjoying the summer period with lots of sun and heat.


The decoration can be made according to your creativity. Get ready and leave a beautiful accessory ready for the hottest days and take it to the beach or pool shading from the sun. Having different parts ready to offer customers is always very good and the sooner you get ready for the new season the better.

The crochet summer hat is a beautiful accessory that should be worn on the hottest days and it is important to start preparing in advance so that you can have pieces for the new season and have work to introduce to your customers.

By carefully following this tutorial shared here, you can make this beautiful hat and the result will please you and your customers are sure to enjoy it. It’s a way to prepare for the hot weather ahead and having parts ready to offer is a way to increase your monthly income.

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