Dresden Plate Center Quilt


What to do with that space under the stairs? If this doubt also plagues your life, follow us in this post, we have gathered amazing tips for you to transform this corner. Let’s start by talking about the first thing you should do before you create a new ambience or decor under the stairs: take measurements of the place. Take tape measure and note the height, width and depth of the space under the stairs. With this data in hand, it is easier to define what can and cannot be done. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Dresden Plate Center Quilt.

Also note the type of stairs you have or intend to have in your home. The one-piece, straight and masonry stairs are the best option for those looking to create a new home environment as they are very useful and give the room an incredible touch. Curl models are the least used, but you can still create something. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the location of the house where the stairs are.


If it is right in the lobby you can create a closet under the stairs to store coats, shoes, bags and umbrellas, for example, this will be a very helpful option. If the staircase is next to the dining room or the kitchen, you can turn the empty space into a pantry.


Free Pattern Available: Dresden Plate Center Quilt

In the living room, the space under the stairs can house a bar, which also helps a lot, a conservatory or perhaps a home office. Other options are kids space, reading corner, pet shelter, bicycle parking, in short, there are thousands of possibilities, all will depend on your family’s needs.

The space under the stairs is also a great ally of small buildings, because it allows a very interesting area gain for your home. Did you know that even a toilet can be built under the stairs? That’s right! With the right references that bland space can become part of the home decor.

 So many helpful tips and a variety of possibilities, now that you’ve seen a few, you can look for more over the internet to help you decide what to do in your home. We at CK Crafts wish you a great day and a late Merry Christmas.

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