"Curve it up" Block Edge


A nursery accommodation is one of the most useful furniture in existence and cannot be left out of the planning of such a special space. Before buying a dresser, you need to consider some details that are very important and that interfere with both the aesthetic and the functional issue of the room. Want to know what they are? So keep following or posting to find out why we are going to create more about it and also make a beautiful “Curve it up” Block Edge: One way to use the baby should be proportional to the size of the room, so the first tip is to take measurements of wall where you want to place or move the furniture and choose a model that can be used at the same time.

You still need to consider whether other furniture will be close and if one doesn’t get in the way or the other so that everything goes as planned. For those who have little space available, a tip is to choose a model with code, more compact model that can handle the message. Babies are also considered to grow very fast and most of the time it is preferable to choose a larger dresser model that can keep up with this growth, otherwise a new phase of the child will need you to use the entire room.


Many dads and moms often ask if it is better to buy a shirt or invest right away in a wardrobe for the baby. If room for large you can opt for two. But if the room is small, a dresser may be the best option.


Free Pattern Available: “Curve it up” Block Edge

Because the cell phone is smaller and smaller naturally, it contributes a lot to increase the environment, unlike the wardrobe that occupies a larger space in the place. A medium sized shape can fit your baby up to three or four years old, after which you can choose a wardrobe. Another advantage of baby’s early childhood hosting is that it also serves as a changer (talk about it in the next topic).

In addition to storing and organizing all baby clothes, shoes and personal care products, one way to change the baby is also a great changer, meaning you can use it twice, which is ideal for small rooms .

In the market there are amazing baby dressers that come with the included changer, but you can easily create one from a low padded. If an upper part of the dresser still has space, feel free to use it to accommodate a tray with baby hygiene items such as baby wipes, diapers, cotton, ointment, and alcohol.

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