Crochet Candy Blanket


Want an intimate and cozy decor? So you need a candlestick. Until recently, candlesticks were the main source of light in the houses at night, serving not only to decorate the different rooms of the house, but also – and mainly – to assist in nighttime activities. Survivors of time and the invention of electrical energy, candlesticks continue to ooze charm and style in the diverse environments in which they are placed. Do you want to know more about this old decoration object and in what ways it can be inserted in the decoration besides learning how to make a beautiful Crochet Candy Blanket? So just stay in this post with us:

What is a candlestick and what is the difference for a chandelier?
It is not known for sure when and where the candlestick was invented, but its presence can be noticed throughout the history of mankind, accompanying man over the centuries. In general, a candlestick is nothing more than a candle holder formed by three main parts: the base, the stem and sideboard or sconce, where the candle is placed and lit.


Only attention to one detail: the candlestick holds only one candle, unlike the chandelier. This, in fact, is the big difference between these two objects. While the candlestick has support for a single candle, the candelabrum can have two, three, four and even seven candles, as with the Jewish candelabrum, also known as Menorah. The difference clarified? So let’s move on to the next topic as we still have tips on where to use it.


Free Pattern Available: Crochet Candy Blanket

Where to use the candlestick?
The candlestick is a multipurpose and super versatile object, which can be included in the most different rooms of the house, both from the aesthetic point of view, as well as functional. In addition to serving for home decor, the candlestick can still be beautiful if used at parties and events, as you will see below: One of the best places in the house to bet on the use of a candlestick is in the living room, precisely because it is the place where visits are received and conversations develop.

Try placing one or even more candlesticks on the coffee table or side table and see the difference that the piece will make in the environment. The dining room is also another space in the house that deserves to have a candlestick, especially for those special dinners with family or friends. In everyday life, it can simply integrate the decor. But try putting it on the table at a festive dinner, for example. The environment will transform.

Just be careful: do not use aromatic candles in the candlestick in the dining room, the aroma can interfere with the tasting and enjoyment of drinks and the meal. Candlesticks can also be successfully included in the decoration of the bedroom, bathroom, corridors and even the entrance hall. On the balcony and outdoors, the candlestick will offer an even more welcoming and cozy atmosphere. There are many incredible ideas that deserve to be put into practice, don’t you think?

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