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As fall and winter begin to approach, we need to get our cold clothes out of the closet and prepare for the cold temperatures as best we can. Surely all we wanted in winter is to enjoy the cold near a warm fireplace, sipping hot chocolate or toasting marshmallows, right? Learn more about fireplace rooms and learn how to make a beautiful Ubuntu Blanket:

For those who still have the dream of having a fireplace at home, to relax in front of a warm and pleasant flame, very country house style or even in a more modern and technological footprint since we are in the age of technology, this post will show a little about the advantages, disadvantages and the various ways to make a living room with a fireplace!


There are several types of fireplace and various indications for each type of environment, each one more beautiful than the other. Although beautiful and cozy, they all have advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when choosing the type and the perfect model for your room. Some of them are:


Pattern Available: Ubuntu Blanket

Wood Fireplace: The most common, classic, vintage and certainly the one that people fall in love and remember most when we talk about a fireplace. They are usually inlaid on the wall and made of masonry (the finish may vary on bricks, stones and even marble), or iron, which has a more rustic look by keeping its original color dark. It is suitable for homes because it needs a chimney to release smoke, not suitable for those who live in apartments.

Electric Fireplace: A synonym for practicality, technology and safety in the matter of fireplaces, after all, with a push of a button the flames (in 3D, mimicking the actual flames) are lit and the heat begins to fill the space. Ideal for those with children at home and those who need easy maintenance, as no flames and firewood do not create smoke or soot, so you do not need a chimney to use.

Ecological fireplace: This fireplace is called eco-friendly because it works through alcohol or ethanol, renewable fuels and less polluting. A mix between the advantages of the wood fireplace, the electric fireplace and the gas fireplace, this one has real flames coming from the burning of fuel, but it does not require firewood and, thus, does not produce smoke and soot, making cleaning easier. Moreover, it also does not have the disadvantage of large electricity consumption and does not need much to be installed indoors. It is currently gaining more popularity among different types of fireplace. How about seeing other fireplace types on the internet?

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