Aura Wall Hanging – Crochet Pattern


Hello! So good to see you here again. We are always very happy to pop in here and bring you new patterns. We like to keep our house always tidy and decorated, so we brought a decoration for the wall, Aura Wall Hanging. This crochet decoration makes all the difference in the environment.

You can use it in the living room, bedroom, entrance hall. Choose the model based on the color and shape that matches the tone of your environment. You can easily remove decor from a room. Here on the blog you will find pillow patterns too, which can complement the decor along with the wall hanging.


For this pattern you will need to know how to make some special stitches like picot and magic circle. Both are described in detail in the pattern, so you don’t have doubts when you need to do them. The only material that is not common for crochet and you will need is metal floral hoop. It’s easy to find in craft stores, they don’t cost much, they are light and have a beautiful golden color.

Aura Wall Hanging

Images / Pattern / Tutorial: The Loophole Fox


Wall Hanging Pattern

In the pattern, two colors are used to compose the part. You can make it all in one color if you prefer. Just follow the whole step by step with the same thread. The final size largely depends on the size of the metal floral hoop. In the pattern a 14-inch diameter was used, resulting in a piece of the same size.

The length of the piece will vary depending on the size of the fringes if you want to add them. Including the fringes, the pattern is approximately 26 inches long. You will start working in a magic circle, but work in rows. All lines are flipped. We never complete a circle.

The complete pattern is available from The Loophole Fox, with everything you need. Photos, suggestions, materials, important information, size, abbreviations. Hope you like this pattern, let us know here in the comments.