Neopolitan Ripple Blanket


A companion for all hours and for all environments of the house: so are the round beanbags, one of the best options for those who want to bet on a piece that is, at the same time, decorative, functional and super comfortable. The round beanbag has the great advantage of adjusting to different decoration proposals, perfectly matching environments ranging from classic to contemporary, just choose the right model. In this post you will learn more about this puff and how to make a beautiful Neopolitan Ripple Blanket.

So here are some tips to help you choose the ideal puff model for your home, so you will already have a reference when buying one, come see: Knowing how to choose the size of the puff is essential for it to fit correctly in the environment. Basically you have two options: the big round beanbag and the small round beanbag.


And the rule to determine between one and the other is the size of the place that will house the puff, that is, small space equals small puff and large space equals large puff, we advise you to measure the space in which you will use.


Free Pattern Available: Neopolitan Ripple Blanket

There is also the option of using multiple round beanbags combined with each other instead of just one, for large environments this option is very popular today. Another very common question is regarding the color of the round beanbag. A quick search and you can already see the huge variety of colorful puffs to sell, ranging from basic black or white round puff to the most vibrant, such as the yellow round puff. But which one to choose? The tip here is to create a color palette for your environment and fit the puff color inside that palette.

You can also choose to choose a beanbag in the same color as the sofa you will use it on if you want a sober and discreet décor in your living room. But it is also perfectly possible to escape this idea and bet on a vibrant and colorful tone for the round beanbag, contrasting it in the environment and making it a highlight. The fabric and pattern of the round beanbag also greatly interfere with the overall decoration. A round suede beanbag, for example, is wild and can be used in almost every type of decoration, while a round velvet beanbag brings a more sophisticated proposition, fitting into classic and contemporary designs.

For classic and elegant decorations, the tufted round beanbag is a great choice. Another option is the leather or corino round beanbag, both of which fit well in sober and modern designs. And for those who want to be inspired by Scandinavian decor, you can go without fear in the plush round puffs or the round crochet puffs, two icons of today’s decor. Now that you know all this, you can start using the round beanbag at home!

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