Celtic Valentine Twist Quilt


With the bookcases off the shelf for some time now, racks have come to dominate living rooms, becoming increasingly modern, with models that fit perfectly into different room styles and sizes. And among the various models, one of the most popular is the suspended rack, an excellent choice for those who want to optimize space and highlight one of the living room walls with the TV and other important objects. The advantages of the suspended rack compared to other models range from the functionality of the furniture, to the appreciation of the aesthetics of the environment to the space it occupies. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Celtic Valentine Twist Quilt.

The suspended rack is also ideal for use in conjunction with today’s televisions, which are usually mounted directly on the wall. This composition makes the living room even cleaner, and hanging racks can hide the wires of electronic devices, making the space more organized and much more beautiful. The smaller structure of the suspended rack also facilitates cleaning as the cabinet tends to accumulate less dust.


Important tip: Be careful when the hanging rack will be installed in your room. When the racks get too high, the size ratio of the living room decreases greatly. The wrong height also causes visual discomfort and makes it difficult to organize day to day.


Free Pattern Available: Celtic Valentine Twist Quilt

Another tip before buying your overhead rack is to look at what electronics you have, the size of each, and the type of installation they require. This prior care ensures that the rack you choose holds all the equipment and presents it in an elegant and organized manner, and helps you hide all those cables we hated to hang on.

Rack design should also be evaluated. Give preference to designs with neutral colors such as white and black that are easy to fit into any decorating proposal. Another wild card option is the wooden suspended racks, either MDF or natural, they are very beautiful and help a lot.

Finally, do a lot of research before closing a deal, as there is a wide range of prices between stores. Nowadays it is possible to find suspended racks in different stores and websites, search well, check the model and the prices. You also have the possibility to order the piece custom-made with a cabinetmaker or shop that specializes in custom furniture. Now that you know this, you’re ready to buy your hack and install it in your living room.

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