One Step Beyond Blanket


With social networks increasingly present in our daily lives, it is no wonder that they were going to start influencing our way of dressing and decorating the house, right? And a strong trend that has come to stay are the so-called tumblr rooms, which as the name says are the rooms inspired by the social network of the same name, Tumblr. Do you have doubts on how to decorate your tumblr rooms or are you looking for tips and inspirations to make that dream tumblr room? You have come to the right place. We have separated some incredible ideas that you can do at home and turn your room into one of the tumblr bedroom models of your dreams and also the pattern of a beautiful One Step Beyond Blanket.

Check out our tips! Well, in case you haven’t understood what tumblr rooms are or don’t even know which social network this is, we explain. Tumblr is a site very similar to a blog, and once registered on tumblr the user can post videos, texts and photos on various topics, and of course, he will also be able to receive and be inspired by the many content published by other users on the platform like decorations, photos with effect and etc …


Therefore, the tumblr rooms are decorated based on the tastes and personality of the person who owns this environment, so it is quite common that in the decoration of the tumblr rooms you will find many photos, prints, decorative objects and even collages of the person giving that touch personalized to the room.


Free Pattern Available: One Step Beyond Blanket

Well, now that you’ve understood better what tumblr rooms are, it’s time to learn how to decorate a tumblr room, which in reality doesn’t have great mysteries to be done. The tip is to always think about the details of this environment and of course, insert items that will make the simple or sophisticated tumblr room the most cozy and pleasant for its owner using quality furniture and that bring a greater sense of comfort, such as a Japanese bed, for example. example that gives that touch of comfort and relaxation.

We have separated some tips for decorating tumblr rooms that can transform your environment. One of the first stages of decorating tumblr rooms is to think of the color chart of that environment, it is important to remember that there is no rule, although it is very common to find inspirations of tumblr rooms decorated in black and white, this is because these colors are neutral and easy to combine them with several other colors that can be present in details of the environment such as wallpaper, furniture and decorative objects but they are not necessarily mandatory.

The walls of the tumblr rooms should receive various decorative items such as paintings, collages, posters and even items such as hats that guarantee a personalized and more cheerful touch to the environment. The decoration items must represent the person’s tastes and personality, because in addition to being creative, the space also becomes unique and special, making everything more beautiful. Little lights like blinkers or even a lamp are able to transform a simple tumblr room and make it much more beautiful and cozy, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Although the famous flasher is the most present choice for tumblr rooms, this environment can also receive table lamps, pendants, leds and other items that help create points of light in the environment and make it more welcoming, the leds for example , if they are the ones that can change color you can make them a color that makes the environment comfortable for you, just try not to overload the environment with lots of colorful things.

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