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  • Crochet Scalloped Top – Free Pattern

    Hi my darlings! How about making a new crochet project? We want to share Crochet Scalloped Top with you. If you still think crochet is grandma’s thing, maybe it’s time to review your concepts! Not only because crochet has come back to the catwalks (and the streets, beaches, weddings) in the last two years, but […] More

  • Criss Cross Blanket Pattern

    The Criss Cross Blanket Pattern is very popular on decoration, as it is a very charming option. It is an excellent choice to make to match your decor. And it will surely leave your guests amazed with these beautiful and variated colors. For a long time this beautiful piece has been used to make the […] More

  • Crochet Potholder Mandala

    The Crochet Potholder Mandala is Perfect for your kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. This is where the family gets together, prepares their meals and where most of the household chores take place. Keeping the place always tidy and cozy is really important. Crochet gives you many opportunities to make beautiful […] More

  • Pattern Carnival Pinwheels Quilt

    Practicing Quilting is a way to make crafts have fun because it is very easy and practical to do and is one of the best choices to spend time using your imagination and creativity. With the quilting we can make beautiful blankets, pillowcases or seat chairs, wall decoration anyway, we can do so many things […] More

  • Sophie loves Lilla Bjorn Winter Blanket

    Crochet has increasingly taken up space in the world of crafts, every year creates thousands of new patterns. So having always patterns and novelties to practice and increase the skills and if you have a store that sells your jobs can make new designs to increase your sales and thus increase your profits. Crochet never […] More

  • Christmas Tree Bedspread

    Hi, my friends from the craft world, I am so happy and passionate every time I see new patterns that I see that we know very little because there are many patterns of crochet in the world to learn. Each time has a different point and from that point can do a plethora of designs […] More

  • Scrap Nine Patch

    This Scrap Nine Patch quilt block pattern is an easy design, perfect for all quilters, from beginning to end. The center of nine patches is placed on the spot, surrounding it with corner triangles. Sew quilt blocks in pairs. You will create nine-pack block pairs and each block in one pair will contain the same […] More

  • Log Cabin Echoes

    Let’s move on to another wonderful patchwork world pattern to make a fabulous quilt made by you. One more of the news I said I had several and brought it to you. This will be on the standard Log Cabin Echoes. It is a pattern that looks like geometric figures, squares inside the other that […] More

  • Pyramid Blanket Crochet

    Hello people who accompany us on the site, let’s another beautiful pattern. Today I bring you a nice pattern of quilt, which you will love doing like me. This quilt has a gorgeous design that in the end gets a gorgeous effect of pyramids, then the name of this Piramyd Blanket Crochet pattern. It is […] More

  • Blueberry Pie Quilt Block

    Hello, welcome to Ck Crafts. We will make a block pattern for Blueberry Pie Quilt. At the end of the pattern, these blocks provide a star as the main feature. When I outlined this block a few years ago, I had no idea whether it was a traditional block or whether it had a name.This […] More

  • Fireworks Blocks Quilting

    Hello friends of Ck Crafts, today I bring a beautiful pattern that gave super success in the end the result, I simply loved and today I bring you the pattern Fireworks Block. They were not very fast blocks, but when they finished I really like the way they look. I could not withstand the new […] More

  • Dutch Treat Quilt

    A Dutch Treat Quilt is a work of art made by the quilting method. Quilting is a craft of sewing pieces of cloth together to form a quilt with a pattern design or other household items. Filling is a fun and rewarding hobby. This can be done alone, with others or in a group. Here’s how to start […] More

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