Crochet Potholder Mandala


The Crochet Potholder Mandala is Perfect for your kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. This is where the family gets together, prepares their meals and where most of the household chores take place. Keeping the place always tidy and cozy is really important. Crochet gives you many opportunities to make beautiful models for this very important environment in our home.

This model shows us that the simplicity in doing the work also gives us many different pieces, with a lot of charm and spectacularly beautiful.


This Crochet Potholder Mandala can be used in any environment in which you wish to use it, from the kitchen to your bedroom, so you have to choose the colors that you think match the decor of your room. It’s very nice to make these delicate and beautiful pieces for our home, isn’t it?

Image By: Morgan Forrester

How To Do a Potholder Mandala

This work has a lot of colors and it’s amazing. The art of crochet is complete with these beautiful pieces full of detail and affection as well. And there are always new material and ideas for our wonderful and personalized points.


 This piece has a delicate result, but with a very different touch you will find that it is worth investing in works like this one for the differential in its design and color.

Crochet rugs are very popular because they are very beautiful and complement the decor of any environment, usually being used in living rooms and bedrooms. In addition, the technique also allows several of its different models to be made.

Image By: Morgan Forrester

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Below we share the materials you will need:

250g Worsted Weight Yarn, at least 2 colours. Six colours were used in the original.

4mm Crochet Hook, or size required for gauge.

Large eye Darning Needle or Crochet Hook (3.5-5mm) for Finishing

Large eye Needle with a fairly sharp point for cushioning.

1 Foam Cushion Form. These are available in most craft departments and in better fabric stores. If you cannot find a circular form, consider rounding off a square form with sharp sissors, or liberating a form from an existing cushion.

This pattern should fit cushion forms from 10-15 inches. 12” forms are easily obtainable