Pattern Carnival Pinwheels Quilt


Practicing Quilting is a way to make crafts have fun because it is very easy and practical to do and is one of the best choices to spend time using your imagination and creativity.

With the quilting we can make beautiful blankets, pillowcases or seat chairs, wall decoration anyway, we can do so many things that we miss in the options is not really. We can also restore older pieces with new patterns.


Our imagination and creativity is our guide, we create beautiful personalized and original pieces. Quilt is usually easier to learn than crochet, having a sewing machine is already much easier to practice.

There are many steps and tutorials that you can do to learn quilt from the basics to a more complex, having willpower you can do quilt from all difficulty levels. So you feel good and show your wonders to your family and clients.


Here in this post we will leave a very beautiful pattern of quilt and also some tips to start your work, being great for those who want to start practicing the quilt now. Keep reading.

Before You Begin The Quilt

Choose and separate all your tools to make the quilt, because it is important to separate your materials before starting and missing something. To have a job aligned and well done is necessary to have organization and much symmetry in all sizes that cut or sew. The appearance of the work is very important because it totally changes the quilt being symmetrical and harmonious.

Choose scissors that are good for cutting and rotary cutters that greatly facilitate working with fabrics. The cutters have various sizes so you choose as you have comfortable for you, usually people choose the average sizes to start with. Make sure the scissors are well grinded before use.

Choose a base to make the cutouts with markings that make it much easier and also the molds. And then in addition to facilitating with markings they help the cutters slide the blade being very useful for aligning the cut.

Pattern Carnival Pinwheels Quilt

Today’s pattern is this called Carnival Pinwheels Quilt made by Amy Butler and here I leave the pattern available for all for free.This pattern resembles a ray of sun, is simply amazing, it will stop beams of bright light.

This pattern you can make of the core you prefer, use bright and beautiful colors using more than two colors if you want, use your imagination and make your original pattern. Vibrant colors makes the total difference in your work. The base fabric should be larger than the front fabric so remember to buy with this measurement.

In addition to you can use different colors in your design, you can also use prints and blends with the soft colors of the same tone to look beautiful or matching your decor. Use your imagination and be creative with the choices.

For everyone who liked this pattern of quilt just like me, can not fail to do this beautiful job and be more work done by your hands completed. Below I leave the PFD Free with all the information of sizes, step by step, colors that can be used as ideas. Good job to all and a great week.

Pattern PDF – Pattern Carnival Pinwheels Quilt