African Flower Hexagon


African Flower Hexagon a beautiful and very elegant work, it will surely be a luxury on your bed or your sofa on special days. Imagine having a project as beautiful and charming as this for you to decorate your home and make an incredible decoration in your home so beautiful.

You can use a beautiful combination of several different shades in your home decor and combine them all with this beautiful and elegant blanket that we are teaching you to do here in this post.


The material described here is just a suggestion, since, we can use what we have at home or that is to your liking, remember this. Remembering that, due to the change in the yarn, there may be a change in size.

But, nothing prevents you from doing with other lines, so just choose the one that looks best in your room or in your living room. The color is at the discretion of each person, according to the decoration of each person’s home.


With all the separate material, it’s time to pay close attention to the explanation in the link that we separated, not just to learn, but rather, to come out complete and very beautiful.

This beautiful, charming and wonderful work is a decorative piece, above all, elegant to place on your bed or sofa and match your decor.

However, it also serves to promote to your customers and friends, so it becomes a sales product and helps with budgeting at the end of the month. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you.

Did you like the article? Getting ready to receive your visits, this beautiful project is perfect, in addition, practical and very beautiful. We hope you enjoyed it!

Free Pattern Available: African Flower Hexagon