Scrap Nine Patch


This Scrap Nine Patch quilt block pattern is an easy design, perfect for all quilters, from beginning to end. The center of nine patches is placed on the spot, surrounding it with corner triangles.

Sew quilt blocks in pairs. You will create nine-pack block pairs and each block in one pair will contain the same fabrics, but the nine patch centers will be configured differently.


Today we have something new in your patchwork, updating the site here for you, bring a new pattern to your new projects and put into practice everything we learned here and what is on your list. Challenge yourself and have fun in the world of crafts.

In this subject today we will learn the quilt / patchwork pattern and increase our designs, craftsman always has to upgrade himself mainly when we need to update our designs and products in his store. This pattern is gorgeous, colorful and very lively, and you can do this in a variety of ways.


Choose where to put this design, the tip is to make a good match with your decor and put on the wall, being very common as well as making a quilt with the patterns.

The patchwork is much used in decorations and bedspreads, and we must learn to specialize more and more in what we like and with love. Enjoy every pattern I leave here for you. The pattern is called Scrap Nine Patch, which is sporty and relaxed and consists of several small squares that together give a beautiful result. The size of the quilt depends on how many squares we make and assemble together.

Tips for choosing fabrics:

For green, try green Hunter instead of green spring.
For red, try red barn instead of red tomato.
Use gold instead of yellow.
Try blue Wedgwood instead of bright blue. Sew a long, dark strip of 2-1 / 2 “x 7-3 / 4” lengthwise on each side of a strip of muslin of the same size. Press to set seams. Press the margins for the dark bands. Frame one end of the strip assembly. Make cuts of three 2-1 / 2 “segments, starting with the square end. Sew a long 2-1 / 2 “x 7-3 / 4” muslin strip lengthwise on each side of a dark strip of the same size. Set the seams and press the margins to the dark range. Frame one end of the new set of straps. Cut three 2-1 / 2 “segments. Mount the nine patch centers. Gather two segments with muslin on its outer edges and one with a square of muslin in the center. Sew the segments together on three lines, using the segment with a muslin center on line 2, at the midpoint of the block. Press the sewing tolerances in any direction. Gather the remaining segments and stitch them together into three lines, placing the segment with a dark center square on line 2 at the midpoint of the block. Press the sewing tolerances in any direction. Each block of nine patches should measure 6-1 / 2 “square. If you do not, use one of my easy techniques to pack the quilt block.

The PDF standard will help you better. I hope you enjoy and enjoy every information in the PDF standard, step by step and graphic to better understand and help you. Good job.

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Pattern Scrap Nine Patch by Cindy Carter

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