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The increasingly smaller designs of today’s homes have turned the gourmet veranda into a practically mandatory space in homes and, especially, apartments. It is in this area, usually of a few square meters, that family and friends gather for dinners, celebrations or just to share good times. In this context, the gourmet veranda is a refuge from modern life, encouraged by the growing demand for a more natural and slowed lifestyle. In this post you will see more about it and also learn how to make a beautiful Jelly Roll Posies Quilt for Baby.

Alias, the term “gourmet”, of French origin, currently refers to the pleasure of preparing your own food and serving it accompanied by a good drink and good company, slowly tasting these small and fundamental moments of life, which we rarely stop to enjoy, which run against the busy modern daily life, where sometimes the main and only meal of the day is a poorly made snack.


Gourmet balconies can be added to other environments in the house or apartment, such as the living room or kitchen. In houses, with the space generally wider, it is possible to set up the gourmet veranda totally separate and independent from the indoor environments, anyway it looks amazing and gives a unique touch to the house.


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How to set up and decorate the gourmet balcony. 1 Wooden furniture, wooden furniture is the face of a gourmet balcony, especially if you intend to create a more rustic style in the environment, which by the way, makes the environment very beautiful. Tables, chairs, armchairs, benches, cabinets, countertops, in short, practically all the furniture can be made of wood. Here, MDF furniture with wood finishes also fits, they give an appearance very similar to real wood. You can also choose demolition or patina finish furniture. Another option is to mix wooden furniture with furniture from other materials, if your intention is to create a more modern and contemporary style gourmet balcony, it is to your liking.

2 Objects for decorating the balcony, to help compose the decor, choose pictures, crockery, pots on the wall and whatever else matches the style of your balcony. One tip is to use shelves and niches that help organize and decorate at the same time. And do not leave out the potted plants, they help to give that cozy air indispensable for any gourmet balcony. Place them on the floor, hung on the wall or over the cabinets. 3 Appliances and utensils for the gourmet balcony, the gourmet balcony is, above all, also a functional space, where it will be necessary to cook, serve and, immediately after, clean up all the mess that was made on the spot. So, think of appliances that are able to meet your needs.

If your balcony is integrated with the kitchen it is possible to dispense with the use of a refrigerator, for example, since you can use it for both spaces, consider using a fridge instead. An oven, cooktop and a hood are indispensable for the gourmet balcony to function, we already need a place to cook the delicacies that will be served. For crockery, pots and cutlery you can invest in pieces of bright and cheerful colors, which bring a different style to the balcony, or even opt for earthenware, ceramics or iron. 4 Island with cooktop, if you have a larger space on the gourmet balcony, try using an island with cooktop. This element enhances the balcony and allows a better use of the environment.

The island can be used to support the cooktop and prepare meals. Another idea is to attach a counter that circles the island so that people can be served right there. 5 Churrasqueira, the famous corner of the barbecue cannot be missing on the gourmet balcony. It can be made of bricks, stainless steel or ceramic, but don’t forget this item, it is one of the most important. The barbecue can also come with a wood stove and oven, have you thought how incredible? 6 Apparent bricks, apparent bricks do not necessarily need to participate only in rustic gourmet balcony designs. The bricks make up very modern and cool proposals very well, especially if they receive a layer of paint.

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