Glorified Nine-Patch Wall Hanging


Synonymous with sophistication, the glass door gains more and more space when it comes to decoration. Its translucent appearance and minimal thickness enchant small residences that seek to integrate the environments of the house. One of the advantages of the glass doors is the natural way in which the environments transition, without the need for a complete closure of the space. Thus it is possible to monitor the look of the outside and the inside for environments that need a certain privacy, without blocking the entry and exit of light. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Glorified Nine-Patch Wall Hanging.

Another advantage of the glass door is the versatility in the composition with furniture and coverings. Because it is a neutral material, glass fits in virtually all styles of decoration! There are three ways to use the glass doors, but today we will talk about just one of them: Socialization between environments: kitchen and integrated service area, private home office, a more private closet, apartment balconies, etc.


Delimitation and separation of spaces: in this case, the ideal is to opt for a matte film that leaves the place more reserved. Corporate projects, for example, nowadays always adhere to this idea to bring the correct privacy to the meeting rooms and the directors. Space optimization:


Free Pattern Available: Glorified Nine-Patch Wall Hanging

The sliding door is perfect for this proposal! They are used in small environments, as it takes up little space and allows for greater functionality. After these tips, it is important to know other information such as: what type of glass to use, what are the finishes, types of doors, places to insert and how to add the glass door in the environment, whether at home or at work. So, get inspired with some projects and more details about glass doors: Laminated glass door. It is the safest and most expensive type of glass on the market: when broken it does not cause any shrapnel, its fragments remain glued to the film. Tempered glass door.

This type of glass, when broken, does not produce sharp shards, but small rounded pieces. Crystal glass door. It is the most popular glass on the market and therefore the least resistant and safe. When broken, it forms sharp and cutting pieces, to collect them take care and use a glove. Avoid this type of glass for doors due to its fragility! Corrugated glass door. Its mixture of privacy and light does not interfere with the decoration. In addition, it can bring many benefits depending on the proposed environment. Quadrate glass door. It has a smooth appearance on one side and rough on the other, with small squares along the piece.

Dotted glass door. In this texture, image distortion and light diffusion occur. It is an option for those who do not want to make mistakes and get bored with time, since the dotted line combines with the most varied styles of decoration. The privacy of sandblasted glass. This type of door is ideal for depriving the home office with the bedroom, for example. Its appearance is still translucent but slightly matte. The disadvantage is the excess of dirt that can accumulate over time. Film glasses are another option for those looking for privacy. The films perfectly simulate the matte effect of the process. They are easy to install and can accompany drawings, stripes, images, etc. They are beautiful and can help you a lot to decorate the environment.

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