Simple Strips Quilt


The hippie-style room décor features warm, vibrant colors, beautiful psychedelic and abstract elements. Chosen by those who admire the philosophy of peace and love, this style is certainly for those who have a lot of personality. Ethnic and patterned fabrics are also present in decorative items, as well as rustic materials that reinforce the idea of ​​contact with nature.

For those who prefer a slightly more vibrant style, try combining the decor with colorful wall or ceiling fabric panels. For those who like softer details, choose prints for decorative objects such as pillows, rugs, bedspreads, curtains, pillows or headboards.


We have separated the best room references in this style to make your search easier. In today’s post you will learn more about this type of decoration and we will bring you the pattern of a beautiful Simple Strips Quilt.


Free Available Pattern: Simple Strips Quilt

Ethnic prints come in a hippie setting, whether it’s the bedding, the rugs, the pillows, or the headboard. For the combination to be harmonious, the main tip is to choose a color chart that matches everything in the environment in which the decoration will be used!

Set up a cozy corner and see how the ethnic print goes into any decorative detail, I’m sure you will love it. For a suspended bed you need to check the right foot of the room to make it comfortable to mount an extension on the bottom. Leaving the neutral colors a little boho style proposes the use of colorful tones that can blend from lighter to more vibrant.

What will give personality are the accessories and the pictures of the paintings, which basically have crochet and figures that refer to nature. You can mix two styles in the same room so that they walk together throughout the composition. The rustic reminds a bit of the hippie air, so abuse of wood and ethnic prints, they make the environment very beautiful and cozy.

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