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It is quite common that when thinking about a decorated kitchen project, bright and vivid colors like white, yellow, beige, among others, come to mind, however, a kitchen model that is super hot and that guarantees a super modern and personalized environment it’s the black kitchen. And for you to think about investing in a black kitchen for your home but have doubts about how to decorate this environment or are looking for tips and inspirations to make your kitchen even more beautiful, we have separated several proposals and beautiful photos to inspire your decor in this post in addition to a tutorial on how to make a beautiful Sticks and Stones Quilt. Check out!

As we already said, the black kitchen is not something so common, but knowing how to decorate this environment it can be incredible and unique, believe me. The first tip to elaborate a planned black kitchen is to think about your lighting project, after all black can end up overloading the environment and making it darker, and as the kitchen is an environment that needs a good light to prepare food one good lighting design is indispensable for the proper functioning of the place.


In addition, the lighting design also helps the black planned kitchen to become more cozy, and in the case of a black compact kitchen, lighting is essential so that the environment does not get the feeling of being even smaller, so one must think carefully about the lighting project.

Image By: Becky Tillman Petersen

Free Available Pattern: Sticks and Stones Quilt


Another tip for those who want to invest in a complete black kitchen is to think about the style of decoration you want for the environment, as it is quite common for the planned black kitchen to have a more contemporary style, however, this is not a rule, after all, the black kitchen can be rustic, neutral and even with a retro touch, everything depends on the decorative items, coatings and finishes of the furniture and black kitchen cabinet. Last but not least, always pay attention to the size of your environment before starting the black kitchen project, because as the dark color can make the room small with the feeling of being even smaller, then a compact black kitchen should be carefully designed, measure everything accurately so as not to be mistaken.

And for that you can use the lighting project to your advantage, in addition, it is also interesting to use natural lighting by investing in large windows if you have space and if possible in a black compact kitchen integrated with other environments improving circulation through the rooms. If you do not want to invest in a completely black kitchen know that it is possible to find several colors that can be combined with your black kitchen cabinet, after all, this color is neutral and goes well with almost any other color, but it is important to remember that the color chosen to harmonize with black can interfere with the style of the environment, so think carefully about the color you will choose.

The black and white kitchen is a classic that never goes out of style and the great advantage of investing in a black and white kitchen is that it can be decorated in different styles, as the colors are neutral and they harmonize easily in a modern environment, retro, classic or sophisticated. Another great advantage of the black and white kitchen is the lighting, as white helps to make the environment lighter, because of that, for those who have a small kitchen at home the best choice is the black and white kitchen in order to keep the feeling of spaciousness and comfort that these colors pass.

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Image By: Becky Tillman Petersen