Star Rise Star Fall Quilt


A quilt is a work of art made by the quilting method. Quilting is a craft of sewing pieces of cloth together to form a beautiful quilt with a pattern design or other household items. Padding can be a fun and rewarding hobby for everyone. It can be done alone, with others or in groups. Here’s how to get started! Gather your materials. To start your first quilt, you need to have everything ready and easily accessible. Get all your tools, clear an area and let’s get started. You will need:

Rotary Cutter, Scissors, Ruler, Threads (of various types), Cutting Stand, Sewing Machine and Pins. Choose the fabric you will use. Different types of fabrics change over time – so it is better not to mix. Choosing cotton will probably be your best bet. Also, think about color and scale – not thinking about it can result in a flat and out of order quilt. Stay in the same color family, but don’t use the same shades – your bedspread will look monochrome and boring.


Think about lights and colors, bold and dark, and avoid those colors that go a long way. Do not choose fabrics with the same size pattern and prints. A good range of both will create a dynamic and amazing and vivid piece. You can choose a fabric and base the rest on that specific pattern.


Free Available Pattern: Star Rise Star Fall Quilt

Have a “featured” fabric on your quilt. It is a fabric that shines brighter than the others and, as a result, makes the entire quilt stand out. You will also need fabric for the back, the edges, for binding and padding. If you opt for a high quality 100% cotton fabric, you will have no problems with color mixing. If the fabric is older or of lower quality, wash before you start cutting.

Choose a design. You need to know how big you want your quilt to look and how you want to place your fabrics and how you want your style. At this point, it will be easier to work with squares. You can do it with large squares or you can make larger blocks with small squares. Look at the materials you have on hand and see what arrangement they make.

Try to get a padding kit. A beginner should have a kit to make learning easier. Padding kits are materials sold together to do a job. They commonly come with a standard design, pre-cut fabrics and instructions. However, they do not include thread, bedspread and padding. Make sure the kit is for your skill level.

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