Smooth Tiles Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Classic decor never goes out of style. This style has its origins in the details and refinement of Greek and Roman architecture. Its lines are elegant, sophisticated and rich. This type of decoration stands out for its details: plaster moldings, baseboards, carvings on the furniture (usually mahogany, walnut or cherry wood), fabrics used in pillows, wallpapers, showy curtains, etc. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Smooth Tiles Blanket.

The classic decoration requires large and tall environments, since it includes large furniture and showy and ornate decorative pieces, but it is possible to adapt it to small environments, such as apartments, for example, which are the home of many today.


In this case, it is important to be careful not to cause the impression of an even smaller environment, due to the large amount of details, patterns and dark colors of the furniture, as this will be worse.

The most used material in kitchen countertops, washbasins and bathrooms is marble, in different colors, which gives you a wide variety of choice. On the floor, solid wood of various shades. On the ceiling, plaster relief drawings, often painted in gold and bronze tones.


In the dorms, wooden beds with columns, with or without canopy, with flowing fabrics can be used. Stately, elegant and graceful armchairs and chairs. Classic bathrooms often have chairs like in social spaces, wallpaper and bronze details, such as taps, for example, which make the environment very beautiful. In the room, crystal pendant chandeliers with many details, a lot of brightness and even mirroring are common.

Decorative pieces: porcelain, worked crystals, silver, frames with elaborate ornaments, large mirrors, pendant chandeliers, floral arrangements, among others, also very beautiful. Another characteristic of this style of decoration is symmetry, with decorative objects, and even the same furniture, in the same environment. Examples: pair of vases, corner tables, armchairs, etc.

It is also common to seek symmetry with a composition of pictures, even with different frames and colors. Currently, this style of decoration is not used entirely in homes, as it would not be very functional today. What you see is a mix of more modern and contemporary elements (what can be called classic-modern style). In these situations, lighter colors like white, beige and raw are used, which are also amazing.

Free Pattern Available: Smooth Tiles Blanket