Parcel Quilt


Anyone who has a home office at home knows that functionality, comfort and organization must go hand in hand. In addition to a well-assembled workstation and armchairs or a comfortable chair, a table lamp also has its importance proven by specialists. The ideal is that the work table is next to a window, so that natural light is used during the day and also has an office chair that is very comfortable. If this is not possible, or even for use at night, placing a well planned lamp will make all the difference. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make an amazing Parcel Quilt.

Table lamp made in articulated iron in white color. A versatile luminaire will be able to provide proportional direct and auxiliary light for your activities and this helps a lot but it can also hinder, be careful and avoid reflections, glare and areas of high contrast between shadow and light, this can increase tiredness and decrease your performance , even if in activities that do not require concentration.


In addition to the luminaire, you must also take care of the choice of lamps, and the position of the light closing. All these choices will serve to improve the work of those who are on the bench or office, with adequate lighting, but without interfering with the reflection of the computer screen and shadows hindering the reading, for example, so pay attention to these details.


Free Pattern Available: Parcel Quilt

Articulated models are cool and quite indicated by decoration professionals, the idea is that you can move the luminaire according to the activity you are doing, this is also an advantage for home offices that are shared by more than one person. In addition to the home office, the lamps can be used on the side tables as support for those who like to read a little on the sofa, and believe me, they really are a lot of help. In this case it may be more interesting to use a diffused model, so that the light is not so harsh and annoys those who are using it. At the computer workstation, the fixture should ideally be located behind or beside the monitor and keyboard screen.

The lamps should preferably be cooled, even for your financial savings, since LED and fluorescent models do not emit heat. If you want to create a more cozy environment and not distort the colors of the objects, you can bet on lamps with warm white or warm tones, they will help you a lot in this purpose. In addition to functionality, do not forget to take into account the style of your environment, a more modern decorated room or home office can welcome very colorful and differently designed luminaire models. The discreet desk lamp in the home office is a helper when working at home.

There is a green table lamp that allows you to adjust the height that best suits your current needs, which helps a lot. The modern table lamp with the hinged wooden base is very modern and beautiful. The table lamp can also serve as a lamp in the bedroom or even on a side table. The articulated silver chrome table lamp is beautiful and refined. The black table lamp is discreet and sophisticated, blending very well with the rest of the room. The yellow table lamp will match perfectly with some yellow niches that you can place in the room, leaving the atmosphere more youthful.

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