Modern Halves Quilt


The floating staircase has been gaining more and more space in different house designs. This is because, with the evolution of architecture, the stairs went from mere structural elements, whose function is to interconnect two floors, to great protagonists in the decoration, responsible for transmitting comfort and sophistication to the environment in which they are incorporated.

With that in mind, if you want to transform the decor of your environment by including a floating staircase in your project, then this post was made for you. In this post you will learn more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Modern Halves Quilt.


Check now some types of floating ladder on the market and find out which of these models perfectly matches your space. The floating ladder is super versatile and can therefore be made and structured with different types of materials such as wood, concrete, glass, iron and so on, it is a huge variety of choices.

However, regardless of the material chosen by those responsible for the project, the construction process of this type of stairs is the same, that is, giving the feeling that the steps are floating in the air, this gives a very incredible and beautiful touch in the environment leaving everything with a more modern touch.


In the process of building a floating ladder, the steps are installed individually with a support point, which is fixed to the wall or anchored to a central metal structure. Generally, the floating ladder does not have a handrail or guardrail precisely to provide users with this feeling of being suspended in the air, which is most of the time the reason why this ladder is chosen.

However, swimming prevents a handrail structure or even a handrail from being created to provide greater security in the house, even in the case of residences with the presence of elderly people and children.

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Wood has always been a material widely used by artists, architects and interior designers. After all, besides transmitting warmth to the environment, this type of material, due to its great versatility, can be incorporated in plaster ceilings, floors, furniture, wall coverings among other structures which already helps a lot.

So, if you like classic and / or rustic decor, the floating wooden staircase becomes an excellent option, especially if the room has other decorative wooden items such as armchairs, chairs, tables, racks and so on.

The floating wooden staircase can be placed shyly in the decoration, for example, in a project where the structure with tempered glass railing was fixed to the wall, or as a protagonist in the decoration, like another project where the staircase it was a structure in the center of the room.

The concrete stairs, by themselves, have a striking design and combine very well with environments whose decoration follows the contemporary style. But, after all, what is the great advantage of incorporating concrete in interior design projects? The advantage is that in addition to transforming the look of any space, concrete is considered one of the most accessible and economical materials on the market, in turn, attracting the attention of the consuming public.

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