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If you are decorating a single room and want to bring a touch of modernity, comfort and on top of optimizing space, nothing better than investing in a good single box bed. With several models available on the market, the single box bed can make the decoration of your room more beautiful and your nights sleep much more comfortable. So we made this post with several tips on how to choose the best single bed box for your single room and the tutorial of a beautiful and charming Dresden Mini Quilt. Check out!

So that we can decide if we should buy a single bed box or a common bed we need to understand first what are their differences, because then we can choose the one that best suits the style of the single room and its needs, for this we will help you in these details. The common single bed is that classic model that comes with pallet, headboard and sides, and can be found in wood or iron. 



One of the great disadvantages of the common single bed is that it needs to be assembled and the most recommended is to hire a professional to prevent it from falling apart and accidents, in addition, the common single bed also needs to be chosen according to the decoration of the room, after all, the material, finish and design can influence the final result of the decoration of the environment, so pay attention to this. 


Free Pattern Available: Dresden Mini Quilt

The single box bed has a single base that can be a single box box bed or even simpler models of single box bed and it does not need to be assembled, as it is factory ready and easily harmonizes with different styles so it is more practical. The single box bed can bring many advantages to the decoration of your room, because first it takes up less space, so it is the ideal model for small rooms, especially the single box bed with chest, in addition, the single box bed also has the great advantage of being a very versatile piece of furniture that combines easily with all styles of decoration.

Another very cool thing about this bed model is the single box bed headboard that on the market can be found in different models, finishes, colors and materials, which guarantees a personalized touch to the room decoration, also remembering that it is not necessary to use of the single box bed headboard, after all it does not come with the bed and it is possible to create a beautiful single room decoration without this item, if you prefer it, there are many possibilities that can be explored.

It is also important to remember that the single bed box can be found in different versions such as the twin bed box and the single bed box with a single chest, so it is worth remembering that the single box bed can meet different needs and styles of rooms, for so, see what the need is in your room. And so, below we will talk a little better about the different models of single box bed. The main advantage of the twin bed box is its value, as it is more attractive than other models of single bed.

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